GLIGO E-Ink Smartwatch with 2-year Battery Life

GLIGO E-Ink Smartwatch -Hassle-free with style

Nowadays, hybrid smartwatches are more preferred than normal smartwatches. The reason why they are more preferred is because they actually look like analog watches, but acts like smartwatches. It goes with formals and casuals both as it sits between a regular watch and a smartwatch. The GLIGO E-Ink Smartwatch is a hybrid watch that combine smartwatch functionality with the look of analog aesthetic.The e-ink smartwatch is available in wide array of styles with minimalist appearance and smart features at very low cost.

Tell me how it works?

It looks like a traditional watch but works on the modern smartwatch technology that can keep track of what you do throughout the day. It tracks your steps, heart rate, running distance and can even track your sleep patterns.

Any special feature: 

  • It has E-ink display that will show you 4 scene modes: business model, casual mode, sports mode and power saving mode.
  • It has battery life up to 2 years along with magnetic charging.
  • It consists of sports fitness tracker.
  • It has a waterproof body which can withstand depths up to 30 metres so you can even use it while showering or working out.
  • You can connect it using Gligo app which is compatible with iOS and Android
  • It has 361L fine steel case which is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and tear.

Should I buy it?

GLIGO E-Ink Smartwatch -Hassle-free with style

Gligo E has a unique dual-core design which makes it energy efficient. Its minimal design makes it perfect for any occasion. It is made up of premium materials that makes it long lasting. It will perfectly suit your modern and simple lifestyle.


This exclusive watch is available on at a minimal price 119 USD. So garb this innovative piece of tech before it goes out of stock.

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