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Government pushes for Solar Rickshaws at IIT campus in National Capital

The IIT Delhi Campus has the facility of e-rickshaw for the people inside the campus. It helps the students and teachers to reach from one department to another. Though this facility is very special and helpful for others it somewhat gets burdensome for the rickshaw-pullers. But now with the introduction of solar-powered hybrid rickshaws, the job of rickshaw puller gets easy.

Central Electronics Limited (CEL) has also decided to give solar-powered hybrid rickshaw to the rickshaw-pullers at IIT Delhi under a corporate social responsibility initiative.  300- Watt solar panels are used as the roof of the rickshaws. These panels are designed and manufactured by CEL.  Throughout the day, these panels are in their charging mode and that it will effectively double the distance that the normal rickshaw used to cover in a day. It only reduces the physical effort of the rickshaw-pullers but also helps them to earn more.

IIT Delhi director, Ram Gopal Rao has also said that “This innovation combines the traditional knowledge and modern technology to create peace among the environment, employment needs and convenience”

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Dr Amod Kumar of Sukoon Solutions said that the solar hybrid rickshaw will ultimately Support rickshaw-pullers during acceleration and tough rides. The manufacturer also said that the ideal speed of the solar hybrid rickshaw is 10-15km/hour but the imported motors from China will let the vehicle reach up to 25km. Not only this much when it comes to the cost, An e-rickshaw costs around Rs 1.26 lakh, while a hybrid vehicle is priced for Rs 68,000

The vehicle can only ply inside the campus of IIT Delhi. As these hybrid rickshaws cannot be registered under the Motor vehicle act. Summing up everything, Hybrid rickshaws are one of the best innovation which doesn’t cost much.

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