Indian Air Force is going to Launch its First Mobile Game on July 31

Indian Air Force is going to Launch its First Mobile Game on July 31 1

Mobile games are always-on demands. Video game industry is growing rapidly. It is growing bigger and bigger every day. Seeing the craze and demand of video games, the Indian Air Force has decided to enter the market. Indian Air Force is ready to launch its first own Mobile game on 31 July 2019.

The teaser video of the game was launched on July 20, 2019. The video starts with the tag line of “I am an Air warrior” that clearly depicts that the game is going to be in aerial mode. The teaser video shows that the game is going to offer an amazing and thrilling flying experience to the gamers.

The Indian Air force game seems to offer a large number of aerial vehicles in the game like bombs plane, helicopter, and fighter jets. The players will be able to control these vehicles and planes with the screen controls. Players also get the chance to perform actions like aerial combat and they will also get the chance to engage in aerial fights with the enemies.

The Mobile game idea and scenarios in the game are somewhat based on the real story where Wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman was held captive in Pakistan. He won the aerial fight against Pakistan and landed safely on the other of the border.

Because of the Indian Air Force tag, the game will soon become popular among youngsters. Currently, the game is available in single-player mode but it will eventually be upgraded to enable the multiplayer mode. It is compatible with both Android/iOS devices. Gamers can download this game from 31st of July onwards.

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