Hexagon Launches New Automated Turnkey Vision Measurement System

Hexagon Launches New Automated Turnkey Vision Measurement System

The OPTIV Scope vision Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division is now available for purchase. This CMM will streamline the quality inspection process for businesses of all kinds. Businesses may save time and money on quality inspections because to OPTIV Scope’s efficient, accurate, precise, and user-friendly design. The technique shines when put to use on large quantities of identically shaped pieces.

In today’s fast-paced production industry, time is of the importance, and OPTIV Scope was built to meet the challenge. OPTIV Scope’s ability to measure multiple parts simultaneously at the push of a button saves machine tool operators and quality professionals valuable time by doing away with the need for manual part alignment before each measurement.

OPTIV Scope is capable of unprecedented accuracy and precision. At the touch of a button, OPTIV Scope offers accurate, reproducible, and operator-independent measurement data with a resolution of up to 0.7 microns.

Hexagon’s general manager of stationary metrology devices and machine tool measurement, Joerg Deller, stated the company’s dedication to providing production teams with innovative measurement solutions that maximise efficiency and boost productivity. “OPTIV Scope rounds out our multi-sensor offerings with a low-cost, simple, and accurate device that simplifies high-volume measurement for people working with machine tools and quality assurance specialists alike.”

There are a total of six OPTIV Scope models to choose from, each with its own maximum field of view (300 x 200 mm) and amount of work capacity. By eliminating the need for additional measurements and boosting productivity in the manufacturing process, this method guarantees full coverage of all dimensioned characteristics of a component. The system’s dependable edge detection and autofocus are made possible by its huge depth of field and double telecentric optical lens. Even while performing difficult measuring jobs, it produces clear and precise photos.

OPTIV Scope serves a wide variety of sectors and industrial uses. Electronics, injection moulding, low-voltage electrical appliances, mobile phone accessories, printed circuit boards, medical equipment, and many more fields rely on it because of its adaptability. OPTIV Scope delivers precise, reproducible measurements and simplifies procedures in every setting.

Visit our online product department or get in touch with your local Hexagon agent to learn more about ordering the latest OPTIV Scope machines in Korea, ASEAN, the Pacific, India, and Japan.

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