5 High Ranking Websites Your Business Needs to Appear On

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Have you Googled your business lately?

If you’re disappointed that your business isn’t ranking as high as you’d like it to, you’re in good company. But, unfortunately, many businesses that have managed to find success in the real world are less successful in SEO.

High Ranking Websites

High Ranking Websites

But boosting online visibility is easier than you think. These five high-ranking, business-friendly websites are designed to do just that, either explicitly or incidentally.

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It almost doesn’t need to be said, does it?

But it does. LinkedIn is arguably the one web property aside from your own exact-match domain (read: your company website) that you absolutely shouldn’t neglect.

And yet, many brands do. Instead, they content themselves with a “pro forma” LinkedIn presence that feels impersonal, even anonymous.

Others use LinkedIn as intended: as a branding, marketing, recruiting, and capital-raising platform. Unfortunately, this effortless approach is scarcely noticeable; the typical visitor needs to scan through the LinkedIn company page for Zulily, a Seattle-based digital retailer, at least twice before realizing just how many boxes it ticks.


If you can, you should. That might as well be the Wikipedia motto.

Not every organization meets Wikipedia’s notability standards. And Wikipedia’s posting policy discourages individuals or entities from creating pages about themselves. But if you’re a large, established entity that’s acquired prominence and strong press notability, you should definitely pursue acquiring a Wikipedia page.

And once you do have a Wikipedia page? Look to buttoned-up examples like the Wikipedia page for Asiaciti Trust, a firm serving clients in the Asia-Pacific region, for guidance. When it comes to Wikipedia, playing it straight is the way to go.


Crunchbase is a data-rich directory for up-and-coming companies, entrepreneurs, and key employees.

With an audience ranging from angel and private equity investors to prospective employees, it’s arguably the place to reach high-information prospects who want to learn more about your company (and who might have something to offer you in return).

Like Wikipedia, Crunchbase has posting and content guidelines that need to be followed, though its notability criteria aren’t as strict. Still, take a few moments to review the requirements before you get started.


YouTube is one of the most-visited web domains on the planet. It’s also a powerful marketing tool for brands of all sizes.

Yet, many companies don’t think they stand to benefit from a YouTube presence. Let’s be clear: Even if your organization fancies itself too serious or strait-laced for a medium dominated by goofy influencers and cheesy how-to videos, YouTube is too high-visibility to ignore. Find a company-relevant theme that translates well to video (even if that theme is “self-promotion”) and lean into it.


AngelList has the most direct pipeline to its users’ business development efforts of all the platforms on this list.

AngelList is divided into three broad verticals, each of which has several specific products for business or individual users. AngelList Recruit is the most relevant for businesses seeking online visibility. Though marketed as a recruiting platform for high performers, in reality, it’s a digital showcase for ambitious businesses, whether they’re hiring or not. Use the Company Profile product to show off your stuff and the Assessments tool to give potential job applicants a taste of what it’s like to work for you.

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Claim Your Space in Search

These six websites might seem very different at first, but all have at least one thing in common: They rank very well in organic search.

And that makes them valuable for businesses that want (no, need) to be found online. If your company website isn’t enough to light up Google and your content marketing campaign isn’t quite where it needs to be yet, you’ll need all the help you can get.

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