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Hikvision MinMoe DSK1T320 Series With Face Recognition Launched

For convenient, speedy, and touch-free access control and time attendance applications, Hikvision India has announced the MinMoe DSK1T320 Attendance and Access Control Terminal with Face Recognition Function. Thanks to a state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithm, using the Touchless Access Control system is now simpler and more intuitive than ever before. Contactless attendance and access control is becoming more popular in the Indian market as a result of its recognition as a need for the safe reopening of institutions, including schools, stores, offices, and factories after the epidemic.

The MinMoe Attendance and Access Control Terminal with Face Recognition Function has a variety of options to choose from in order to cater to a wide range of use cases and consumer requirements. The Value Series (DSK1T320) has items with robust features and affordable costs that are tailor-made for institutional and commercial settings, including classrooms, workplaces, and retailers.

Fast, touch-free entry is available at this modern Attendance and Access Control Terminal with Face Recognition Function. The ways in which it may be put to use are both beautiful and economical.  They employ deep learning methods to verify their users and enable Anti-Spoofing features.  These Face Recognition terminals may be set up and used in a number of different ways. Access Control and Time Attendance are only two of the many uses for the Hikvision MinMoe Value Series (DSK1T320).

We think these items have a lot of synergy with the safe reopening movement that has emerged in the wake of the recent epidemic.  Face recognition may give a ‘touch-free’ experience in various settings, including classrooms, markets, offices, and shops. Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd., remarked, “With advanced deep learning technology and diverse practical functions, we expect that MinMoe DSK1T320 Access Control Terminals can bring more security and efficiency to our small and medium-sized customers, making access control, time and attendance, much easier.

Hikvision MinMoe DSK1T320 Recognising things quickly and accurately

The Hikvision MinMoe DSK1T320 is driven by a deep learning system that improves verification times to under 0.2 seconds and raises the accuracy of facial recognition to over 99%. Compared to traditional methods like ID card swipes or fingerprint scans, the increased verification rates and accuracy provide a pleasant, “touch-free” experience for consumers. In addition, the MinMoe DSK1T320 works well in pitch-black settings.

Hikvision MinMoe DSK1T320 Face anti-spoofing provides superior protection

The MinMoe Access Control Terminal with Face Recognition Function is a fast touch-free access control and time attendance solution that features dual lenses (a visible light lens and an infrared lens) to ensure that only the correct person is granted access. Anti-spoofing technology greatly improves the security of access control management and eliminates the possibility of attendance fraud.

Options for connecting to external services and networks.

In addition to connecting doors, MinMoe DSK1T320 Access Control Terminals may connect to NVRs to store and record footage. When certain events occur, they may also be connected to network cameras to capture high-quality video of the area. Meanwhile, MinMoe products provide a wide variety of ways to connect with other platforms.

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