Himachal Pradesh Agrees To Test Drones In agriculture And Transportation

Himachal Pradesh Agrees To Test Drones

Himachal Pradesh’s government has agreed to implement UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) throughout the state with the help of Skye Air, India’s leading SaaS-based autonomous drone logistics provider. The signing of the MoU is a watershed moment for improving the security and efficacy of UAV operations in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

Skye UTM is India’s first and only homegrown unmanned traffic management system, allowing for the hands-free administration of aerial traffic with features like automatic clearance generation and drone movement coordination. The rapidly expanding drone industry relies on this technology as the cornerstone of future air traffic control systems.

The state of Himachal Pradesh has a significant demand for drones due to the growth of its agricultural, hydroelectric power, cement, and tourist industries. Due to the state’s hilly landscape and sparse road network throughout the monsoon and winter months, there is a need for alternative commerce routes, such as those that use drone technology. The implementation of the UTM system is essential for controlling airspace and maintaining the safety of all air traffic in light of the growing activity in the state’s airspace due to variables like weather and topography.

The collaboration between Skye Air and the Himachal Pradesh government has two primary goals. Skye Air will first roll out a UTM solution over the whole state, which will include the creation of a UTM dashboard for all stakeholders, the enrollment of qualified pilots, and the provision of UTM platform training. Second, the state government of Himachal Pradesh would provide all the resources, information, and data required to run the project smoothly. For the sake of internal security and law and order, it will guarantee that all pilots and state-owned drones are connected to the UTM system.

In a statement, Skye Air CEO Ankit Kumar said, “Skye UTM is India’s only indigenous unmanned traffic management system, which will revolutionise the way drones operate in our airspace.” Skye UTM will improve navigation, risk assessment, and connection for all drone operators with its cutting-edge features and real-time tracking. Our shared goal with the Himachal Pradesh government is to build a safe and thriving environment for drones.

Unmanned aerial activities in Himachal Pradesh will benefit substantially from the installation of the Skye UTM system. The UTM platform in the cloud links to and interacts with several drone models, allowing for the monitoring and management of drone traffic in order to create a secure airspace. It gives you a bird’s-eye view of the drone airspace, UAV movements in real time, and confirmed flight trajectories. The UTM system improves upon previous attempts at drone navigation, risk assessment, and traffic management, and has already helped facilitate over a thousand successful flights.

The UTM system is useful for everyone since it provides a low-latency, real-time framework for monitoring and forecasting drone flights. It records over 255 flying parameters for each drone flight and gives a detailed account of each flight in its “Blackbox.” A well-managed and coordinated airspace is another benefit of the UTM system’s integration with human flight.

The Skye UTM system is compatible with a wide range of drone uses, from package delivery to farming and monitoring. Recreational and commercial drone usage are both supported, and pilots must register and utilise maps to make the most of the UTM platform and better adhere to the laws in place.

Skye Air will provide seminars to educate local stakeholders, including drone operators and authorities, on the use and benefits of the UTM system, which will aid in the system’s effective deployment and utilisation. To guarantee that all parties involved in the UTM framework have the information and skills they need to do their jobs effectively, these seminars will give hands-on training and updates on the platform.

The rollout of the UTM system in Himachal Pradesh will occur in stages. Phase I comprises public registration for private drones in the Shimla area, pilot training, and integration of government-registered drones. Phase II extends UTM to cover more territory and incorporates human-operated transportation hubs like airports and helipads. The third stage involves rolling out UTM to the other districts, according to priorities and mandates from relevant agencies. This guarantees the statewide rollout of the UTM system is well-organized and effective.

Himachal Pradesh stands to gain economically and socially from the implementation of the UTM system. Drone-enabled aerial commerce channels will boost a wide range of businesses, from healthcare to agri-commodities to grocery delivery to disaster relief logistics. Drones will improve productivity, open up new markets, and stimulate the economy in a roundabout way if they are widely used.

Aligning with the larger framework of national and international technology and regulatory advances in the drone business, Skye Air and the Government of Himachal Pradesh have joined forces. UTM system adoption is critical as the drone industry’s requirement for security and monitoring increases. If the UTM system is successfully implemented in Himachal Pradesh, it would pave the way for its adoption throughout the country, improving safety, monitoring, and traffic flow.

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