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How Gadgets and Nature Go Hand in Hand in the Wilderness

Technology and nature are usually thought of as opposite ends of a spectrum. However, technology and nature can live in harmony, as well. We would never find out about many animals and plants if we didn’t have handy tech devices to make videos and take photos of them. It goes without saying that gadgets are great helpers in the preservation of the environment. In line with that, in the following paragraphs, nature lovers can learn more about same state-of-the-art gadgets that allow people to get closer to nature.

Mavericks Tent

Avant-garde tents

Although tents aren’t gadgets, some of them can stand shoulder to shoulder to any high-tech device. Here, we’d like to present the inflatable tents produced by Heimplanet. This manufacturer offers a whole line of sturdy compact tents that should be part of every survival kit. From the Cave model that will keep you protected from winds as strong as 75 mph to the Mavericks tent, which can allegedly withstand even 110-mph winds, your camping wildlife adventure won’t be completely safe without one of these beauties.

Adventure speakers

Every trip to the wilderness needs to be both adventurous and fun. And the key prerequisite for fun is preparing the right music for the trip. In addition to the playlist, it’s also important to have proper speakers for the natural environment that will surround you. Not only that those speakers need to be powerful and small at the same time, but they also have to be waterproof. Just imagine a cozy summer mountain drizzle at dusk while you and your friends are dancing around the fire to the music blasting from your sturdy speakers. Here you can check out the most popular waterproof models in 2016.

Devices for visuals

No matter if you want to make photos and videos only for your own collection or to share them through different online media channels, trips to the wilderness require adequate equipment for making proper visuals.

Needless to say, having a mobile phone on your trip gives you dozens of options, like making videos and photos, as well as sending them immediately to whomever you want. Still, sometimes they can’t meet more advanced visual demands.

This is why bringing more sophisticated video-making devices, such as the cutting-edge models of Brinno cameras, will offer you an opportunity to make first-class materials and publish those videos or photos on distinguished websites or magazines.

Finally, don’t forget to get a pair of night vision binoculars or goggles, so as to prepare yourself for thrilling night watches in the wilderness.


Charging without electricity

When going to the woods or remote mountain spots, you’ll most probably be detached from the electricity as you know it. Therefore, your camping kit needs to contain various charging devices.

  • Power bank(s) – extremely handy for nature trips. If you know you’ll be without electricity for days, get a couple of power banks.
  • Solar chargers – no sockets doesn’t mean no power, if you have a solar charger. Some of those models will keep your battery alive even on a cloudy day. Find out more about them in a review brought by the Independent.
  • Fire chargers – believe it or not, your campfire can also serve as a great source of energy for your gadgets. Learn more about flame chargers here.

Orientation add-ons

Even if you pack your camping bag with various charging solutions, your gadgets will still be useless if there’s no network signal in the area you want to explore. However, you shouldn’t worry too much, because a satellite messenger will track your position. This simple device is connected directly to the satellite and keeps you in contact with civilization via GPS.

In addition, you should consider getting a military watch with an altimeter, a compass and other useful features, so that you can always have proper orientation wherever you might be.

When you want to explore the wildlife and spend some time in the wilderness, gadgets will be your best allies in recording all the wild miracles that you see along the way. What’s more, they will also keep you safe and connected to the world. Therefore, bring your gadgets, use them as much as you can and have a great time observing the wonders of nature.

Dan Radak
Dan Radak
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