How The Internet Of Things May Just Be The Best Thing For Professional Drivers


The role of the professional driver is considered the 7th hardest job in the world. Technology is set to change that thanks to revolutionary designs and forward-thinking. Whether it’s taking a look at the overall health of the driver or providing necessary stats to the owner of the company, the addition of technology to the driving field is a welcome one. One of the biggest forces of technological advancement in the past year or two has been the Internet of Things. Discover the effect this technology has on professional drivers.

Interconnectivity on the road

One of the biggest frustrations for those who drive for a living is the sudden change of events on the road, such as bicycles swerving in from nowhere and broken down cars. The Internet of Things can minimize the risk for professional drivers with the use of sensors placed in bikes and helmets, cars, and even on the freeway itself. Constant data is fed through the cloud and drivers can be alerted to high-traffic situations, potential danger, and even unsafe road conditions.

Improved mitigation of risk and data analysis

There is a ton of information to analyze and for the owners of transport or delivery companies, this can translate into profit management too. With the help of various data-collecting points through IoT technology, potential risks are easier to identify, and therefore, easier to manage. The insurance industry has seen a surge in requests to include IoT statistics in their risk assessment models. For the owners of transport and delivery companies, this could mean a significant reduction in premiums if the technology proves a reduction in risk. Insurers will need to ensure they remain relevant in order to still provide competitive insurance quotes.

Collection of vital data

The communication between the various devices connected through IoT is not only stored in the cloud, but also analyzed in order to assist in predictive analytics. This is a gamechanger for anyone who owns a company that requires a fleet of vehicles as it can highlight urgent matters such as higher fuel costs for certain vehicles indicating a possible need for a service, and more. It also provides helpful insight into driver habits, safety concerns, and more.

Increased levels of driver safety

Before, the release of the autonomous truck was the most anticipated development in the transport industry. Nowadays, it’s the integration of technology in the cab of the truck that ticks the most boxes. It turns out there are a number of scanners and monitors that provide truck drivers with accurate, up-to-date information about their own personal health. Things such as resting heart rate, eye blinking, and breathing are monitored to ensure the driver stays awake behind the wheel. But these sensors, combined with wearable tech and IoT, also give drivers other information about their personal health and will alert them if they need to seek medical attention.

Technology is a game changer for everyone who needs to climb in behind the wheel, especially those who do it for a living. IoT not only helps populate information regarding driver’s logs but also safety matters.

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