How to Delete a Facebook Account Permanently?

how to delete a facebook account

Whenever we say social media, Facebook has been a top social networking site. People use to share content, profiles, opinions, photos, experiences, audios and videos presiding over conversations and interactions online between groups of people. At the time, everyone was obsessed with Facebook. Now also it has many users but not as many as it was before. The reason is social issues and cybercrime. There have been large numbers of complaints regarding privacy issues on Facebook. Nowadays people don’t feel safe on Facebook so they generally deactivate their Facebook accounts which is temporary.

There is a permanent way to get rid of your Facebook account if you don’t think you’ll use Facebook again. All your information will be permanently deleted from Facebook if you do so. Please keep that in mind, there is no way you can recover your deleted account.

In this article, we’ll basically talk about how to delete a facebook account Permanently. But if you need a break for some time you can deactivate your account instead of deleting it because you will not be able to retrieve data after deleting it.

1. Steps to deactivate Facebook account –

How to get Rid of FACEBOOK ADSThere are 2 ways to get rid of your Facebook account. One is temporary and other is permanent, we’ll first talk about the temporary method which is deactivating –

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the arrow button at the top right corner of your page.
  • Choose “General” which is on the left column.
  • Click on “manage your account”.
  • Click on “deactivate your account” and give a reason why you want to deactivate your account and confirm your deactivation.

You can simply log into your Facebook ID and password to reactivate your account whenever you want.

2. Steps to permanently delete your Facebook account


It is important to take backup of your account because once you delete your account, data will be gone forever. You cannot restore the lost data so it is better to save your data for future use. These are the steps to save your data.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the arrow button at the top right corner of the page.
  • Choose “general account settings ” and then click on “download a copy of your Facebook data”.
  • Click on “start my archive”. You will get a download link via email.
  • After you receive the email, click on “download archive”.

Delete Facebook account

Once you are done with saving the local copy of all your conversations and posts, you’re now ready to delete the Facebook account without any worries.

  • Click on the arrow button in the top right corner of your Facebook page. Go to “settings page”.
  • Click on the “Apps” which is presented in the column on the left side of the page.
  • There you will get to see all the apps, plugins and websites linked to your Facebook account. Click on the edit button there.
  • Once you have disabled the access to all the platforms. Click on remove button and then do the confirmation by clicking on” confirm “.

Above are the steps to delete the linked apps and services from Facebook. You’re now free to permanently delete your Facebook account.

  • Click on the help menu which is situated in the drop down and search for ” delete account “.
  • After this, you will get a link called “let us know”. Click on this link.
  • Click on “delete my account” and confirm.

Facebook will take 14 days to permanently delete the account. It will hold all the data for 14 days. In case you changed your mind you can reactivate your account within 14 days. After that, it will be gone forever.

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