Top 7 Ways How To Motivate Software Testing Team

How To Motivate Software Testing Team

Software testing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Many startups and large corporations are focusing on this area, using the services of outsourcing companies, while the number of young specialists in this field is also growing rapidly since this is the easiest way to enter IT.

However, what makes people work in this field? What motivates them to become a part of software testing companies and departments? If you look at the stats from a popular StackOverflow survey, competitive compensation is no longer a top priority. Many other factors were taken into account.

Moreover, if we strategize how to maintain a spirit of enthusiasm among employees and then combine these points, we can create a real dream team. Well, let’s look at how to turn an average tester into a happy one and how to achieve fantastic business results.

Set significant challenges

People love to create something valuable and meaningful. Therefore, it’s crucial to trust employees to work towards challenging but realistic issues. It gives them the opportunity to feel their leading role in the project and increases their overall sense of responsibility. Nobody likes to be a pawn in someone’s game. Everyone wants to be a full-fledged player.

Nevertheless, there’s also an important point that could, at the same time, weaken the tester’s positive spirit. It is an unrealistic expectation. Be realistic regarding the tester’s capabilities. Stress from constant pressure is the right way to decrease motivation, even for the most purposeful ones.

Surround with specialists

It inspires and gives strength to have someone to whom everyone comes for help and handy advice. A team leader who encourages dedicated quality assurance teams to share knowledge across the team and finds optimal ways to manage the overall development process.

Working with experienced colleagues is the right way to achieve professional development; it gives testers the opportunity to gain valuable experience and then turn it into wonderful software.

Learn new things

As we mentioned above, the IT industry does not stand still. Every day, there are new technologies that can solve any task faster and better. Introducing them to the development process increases tester motivation and supports their interest in a project.

Keep your eyes on innovative technologies, organize training sessions with more experienced specialists, and provide your development team with new progressive opportunities. You will be surprised at the power of curiosity. 

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Growth opportunity

Professional growth is impossible without mistakes. Motivate testers to take responsibility for the results they produce. Perhaps this is an unusual approach, but it is 100% successful. Even if errors tend to be made, their awareness plays an essential role in professional shaping. Further, It also creates an atmosphere of healthy competition among the team members. That’s precisely how junior testers are transforming into seniors with a strong problem-solving attitude.

Motivating all the testers for professional growth is also an opportunity to remain an active player in the IT market and gives them the capability to work on awesome projects in the near future.

Show the benefits

A fair and pleasant workplace is as motivating as competitive compensation and quality benefits like health insurance and sick leave. Comfortable and cozy surroundings can inspire testers to be more efficient and passionate about their work. Space for relaxation, quiet rooms for private work, and a well-equipped kitchenette provide a place that workers are happy to come to.

Sometimes, even the most motivated tester, sooner or later, can lose the motivation to work as faithfully as at the beginning. Here, the key thing is to keep a reasonable work-life balance.The tips listed above will help you organize the work of your team in the best possible way.

Respecting their talents

Commonly, there could be a huge difference between how to motivate one software tester vs. another. There’s no single golden rule, as every member of the team is, first of all, an individual. What is good for one doesn’t work for another.

Examine each tester and its habits. Take into account their age, skill level, and ultimate goals. Be attentive to the opinions of your testers and respect their efforts and unique talents. They will appreciate it and reward you with a quality approach and many years of reliable work.

Distant but close

If you have a remote development team, make sure that mandatory online hours are convenient for all employees, including those who work in a different time zone. Also, hold online events and constantly invite the whole team to participate; in this case, the testers will always feel in demand and involved and will not be overwhelmed by thoughts of loneliness.

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