How to Perfect Your Social Media Accounts

Social Media Accounts

Whether you’re interested in fine-tuning your personal social media accounts, or you want your business’ Facebook and Instagram pages to gather more followers and look the part, this is the guide for you. Below, we’ll look at what you’ll need to do to make your accounts pop with personality while being accessible and easy for followers and friends to find. You can use these tips to grow and finesse your audience, reach the right people, and create compelling content that will thrill and engage your followers.


Your social media pages may be followed by thousands of people. You may have thousands of Facebook friends. But if you’re not creating content that they’ll enjoy, they might skip over your profile – personal or business – entirely. This means that content is king on social media and to keep it in people’s minds, you’re going to need to find new ways to entertain them. A written post might not be enough – videos of your travels, or photos of your creations, are great ways to keep people interested in you. So, make sure you’re videoing, photographing, editing and uploading at least once a week.


This tip is the same for personal accounts as it is for businesses: you’re not necessarily looking for quantity of likes, follows and friends – you’re looking for quality. Having 5,000 Facebook friends might look impressive, but if you only care about 500 of them you may wish to start shedding some of those old, forgotten followers. Meanwhile, you might wish to unblock someone on Facebook that you would actually quite like to catch up with. Meanwhile, businesses are looking for a certain demographic of followers – someone who will actually purchase things from your website. So, you’re looking to get quality followers who believe in your brand, not any old Facebook or Instagram user.


You’ll fine-tune your follower base with good marketing. Marketing sounds like a business term, but it’s actually just as important for individuals who are looking to become Instagram influencers or who have something personal to promote. You can pay for targeted advertisements on most social media platforms, which helps you get seen by just the types of users you’re interested in attracting. Meanwhile, you can also use content as your marketing vehicle, creating popular videos and photos that will engage strangers, expand your reach, encourage shares, and build a larger and more relevant follower base.


Your social media pages are your excuse to show off your personality. If you’re using your profile for personal reasons, then this is your chance to share a little about yourself – who you are, what your values are, and where you want to get in life. If you’re using a profile as a business, you should remember that social media is inherently informal and youthful, with emojis and abbreviations normal on these platforms. So, show off your youthful and on-trend side on these platforms in order to gain respect and trust from your followers.

Make use of these tips to ensure that you’re making the most out of the social media pages that you manage – as an individual or as a business.

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