HTC U Ear Blackpods Launching Soon

HTC U Ear Blackpods Launching Soon
HTC U Ear Blackpods Launching Soon (Image Credits: )

HTC is a brand that is known to bring brilliance to life through leading innovation. It is planning to launch new wireless earbuds that look similar to Apple’s Airpods. No doubt that Apple is the leading brand in the field of technology, and most of the brands look up to Apple. HTC also did the same. The earbuds by HTC are going to be named as HTC U Ear and are designed in black colour.

As per the report, the FCC listing showcased the design of U Ear. These newly earbuds by HTC replicate Apple’s Airpods and features glossy plastic, a rounded earbud tip, and a stem that extends down your ear. However, U Ear differs from Apple’s Airpods in terms of the location of the charging pins and colour. The charging pins in the U Ear are located on the front of the earbuds whereas, in Apple’s Airpods, the charging pins are located at the end tips. U Ear earbuds are entirely black in colour whereas Apple’s Airpods are white in colour. Moreover, these differences are based on the design and structure of the earbuds.

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After reading the differences, you might be thinking whether the earbuds by HTC and Airpods by Apple have any similarities or not. Well, U Ear’s charging case takes all the motivation and inspiration from Apple’s earbuds charging case. The U ear’s charging case is as compact and cube-shaped as of Apple’s earbuds charging case. But, HTC’s case opens up like a ring box whereas Apple’s Airpods rather have a hatch on the top of the case. The charging case for U Ear comes with a USB-C port to charge the earbuds.

We might expect, HTC to launch HTC U Ear Blackpods in other colours too. The device has received the NCC certification, and the brand is ready to launch the device in Taiwan. Currently, there are no details on Price and Availability. But we promise to share it at the earliest. Till then, stay tuned!

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