HTC U12 Release Date Confirmed on May 23 : Expected Price and Specs

HTC U12 Release Date Confirmed

The first phone in the market to run on Android was developed by the Taiwanese based consumer electronics company HTC but ever since the company has struggled to keep itself afloat. Due to the entry of companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, etc., HTC has been in a constant competition in the smartphone market. Although the good news is the company is still not giving up as it has recently launched a teaser showing its latest flagship device and a date HTC U12 Release Date.

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According to an HTC’s tweet, it promises a phone that’s “more than the sum of its specs” and includes an image with the date of May 23. HTC has its own way of giving information to us. From the given teaser, it would be safe to assume that on May 23, further information regarding the phone may be revealed. For now, we are unsure about the name of this device. According to some rumours, it may go by U12 or by U12+

HTC U12 Release Date ConfirmedAlthough the company has not stated an official statement regarding the specifications of this phone, thanks to the number of leaks, we have some idea about what this device has in for you. As per Venture eat, HTC will have dual camera setup with a Snapdragon 845 processor. 6GB of RAM is expected to come with a 64-128GB of ROM. Apart from this, the device will have a 6″ LCD panel with a resolution of 2880 × 1440. The phone is also expected to have an HTC Edge Sense technology, allowing you to squeeze the phone to trigger actions. All these specs are not official yet, but they seem in-line with other flagship phones of HTC.

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HTC’s U11 or U Ultra lacked carriers because of years of lacklustre sales of its devices. So it’s quite unlikely for HTC to get carriers for its new device. The company has been downgrading over time and has lost a huge amount of money in the recent past. HTC’s longtime CEO Peter Chou was ousted from the company for the same reasons. Google bought HTC’s Pixel design unit at $1.1 Billion which may have been a sigh of relief for HTC but there are much more hurdles to go. U12 needs to be a hit in order for HTC to stay in the game in the smartphone market. This device might decide the future of HTC. The Expected price can be around $749. But let’s see at what price it will launch.

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