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Practically every business these days relies on the internet. Whether it’s storing important files on the cloud, promoting your brand online, or conducting sales, businesses rely on the internet for a wide range of functions to operate. This is why it’s essential that your business has a strong and fast internet connection. If your business has been struggling with the internet lately, such as regularly dropped connections or slow speeds, it’s time you did something about it. Below are a few simple strategies you can follow to improve your business’s internet connectivity.

Talk to Your Service Provider

One of the simplest things you can do is talk to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Tell your ISP that you’re experiencing some issues with your internet, such as low speeds or dropped connections. Your ISP can then recommend steps that may help to resolve the issue. They may also be able to upgrade you to a faster internet connection for an increased price. You’ll have to decide if you need the increased speed and if it’s worth the cost.

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If the suggestions from the ISP don’t work, they may send someone to your location to investigate the issue further. Whether you’re working at an office or from home, it doesn’t hurt to talk to your ISP and see what they recommend.

Upgrade Your Equipment

A common reason for a poor internet connection is the equipment you’re using to connect to the internet. To connect, you’re likely relying on a modem and a router. If either of these two items is older, they may no longer function as well as they once did. In addition, some equipment works better than others when it comes to numerous connections. If you have a lot of people connecting to one router, for example, it may be that your router isn’t capable of handling that many connections. To improve your internet connections, consider upgrading to better equipment throughout your office.

Change Your Network Architecture

Network architecture refers to how all your different internet devices connect to one another. There are various potential setups, some of which may be more suitable for your environment than others. For example, many businesses rely on a LAN setup, as this is best for devices that are within the same building. However, if your business grows larger, you may find that an SD-WAN application is more suitable for you. With an SD-WAN connection, you’ll be better able to handle all your enterprise applications and dynamically route traffic. Explore the different network architecture possibilities and see which one would work best for your business.

Monitor Internet Usage

The issue with your network may be that something is using more of your bandwidth than you realize. It’s a good idea to monitor your business’s internet usage and track when you’re experiencing issues. For example, you may discover that you experience slow internet connections at a certain time of day, which just happens to coincide with when your servers update. Knowing this, you could then adjust your server update times and free up bandwidth during the day. There are many network monitoring tools that you can use – pick one and see if you can identify the problem yourself.

Enhance Your Cybersecurity

If there is a virus or unauthorized access to your network, it could result in problems with your internet. Sometimes you don’t even realize that you’re experiencing a cybersecurity threat until it’s too late. To ensure that a cybersecurity attack isn’t the source of your network issues, it’s best to enhance your security protocols. Simple things like regularly changing your passwords and updating your firewall can go a long way toward keeping your network safe and healthy.

Implement Usage Policies

Finally, you may need to implement some usage policies throughout your office. Your employees may be using the internet for other things besides work, such as streaming music throughout the day. If your network is struggling, you may want to restrict the hours during which employees can use certain internet functions.

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There may also be work-related functions that you need to restrict to certain times. For instance, request that employees back up their files at the end of the day, rather than during working hours, to limit the amount of bandwidth being used. Some simple policies like this may be enough to lighten the load on your network.

Make Internet Performance a Priority

It’s hard to work efficiently if your internet has problems. Whether it’s a slow connection or problems connecting at all, each issue can lower your productivity and hurt your business. Make it a priority to explore the suggestions above and hopefully, before long you’ll have a stronger internet connection throughout your business.

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