Infinix Presents The Smartest QLED With WebOS, Luxury Design, And Immersive Sound

Infinix Presents The Smartest QLED

The Infinix WebOS TV with QLED display is the company’s newest and most innovative product. The TV’s cutting-edge and user-friendly software ushers in a new era of home entertainment. The 32-inch and 43-inch models provide consumers simple navigation to their preferred media and an immersive viewing experience for just INR 10,999 and INR 20,999, respectively.

There are two sizes available in Infinix for your convenience

The Infinix WebOS TV comes in two distinct screen sizes to accommodate a wide range of consumer tastes and requirements. The QLED screen and RealTek Quad processor in the 32-inch HD version provide for a pleasant viewing experience thanks to the model’s 90% NTSC broad colour gamut and gaming dashboard optimisation. The Infinix WebOS 43″ 4K model, on the other hand, has UHD resolution and is driven by Realtek Quad Core; its cinematic display, 94% DCI-P3 Wide Colour Gamut (+/-5%), and gaming dashboard optimisation provide for a really immersive experience. Both models provide superior viewing experiences because to their various screen sizes and other features.

Infinix WebOS: a revolutionary platform for mobile entertainment

Learn more about the revolutionary WebOS software in the new TV model that raises the bar for user experience in the entertainment sector. WebOS TV’s intuitive UI and speedy navigation make it easy to enjoy all your favourite shows and movies like never before. Users of Apple products may simply connect their Apple TV or Apple Music to their device and start streaming.

The TV’s “Home Dashboard” function enables easy management and control of connected smart home devices. It’s a hub that connects and controls other smart home devices like lighting, thermostats, and security cameras, making it easy to make changes and check on their status.

Stunning clarity and vivid colours on the QLED screen on Infinix

The WebOS TV’s QLED display is its bread and butter, offering a broad colour gamut and a wealth of vibrant, true-to-life hues and tones. The QLED screen’s brilliant reds, calming greens, and mysterious blues provide a movie experience right in your own living room. Deeper and darker blacks are made possible by the technology, which improves contrast and guarantees that even the tiniest details in dark images are seen accurately.

Access to fully immersive media experiences

The Infinix WebOS TV provides a level of immersion that is unmatched. Featuring a 94% DCI-P3 Wide Colour Gamut (+/-5%), it is equipped with cutting-edge colour reproduction technology that guarantees accurate colour rendering, brightness, and contrast to create vivid, realistic pictures. The QLED technology enhances the television watching experience by providing sharp images, vivid colours, dark backgrounds, and reliable operation.

Activating your material

The Infinix WebOS TV is capable of upscaling HD video to astonishing 4K clarity, preserving every nuance of the original. Using your watching habits and preferences, the AI content suggestion function will provide tailored recommendations to expand your entertainment options. You can game like a pro with the help of the Game Dashboard, and you won’t miss a thing thanks to the Dolby Audio and six different sound options.

Enhanced velocity

Improved streaming quality and a lag-free watching experience are hallmarks of the WebOS TV’s refined design. Put an end to annoying buffering and delays and dive headfirst into your favourite shows.

The perfect blend of form and function

The Infinix WebOS TV’s frameless design provides a sleeker, more contemporary look and a more comfortable viewing experience. The Home Dashboard integrates your smart home gadgets into your TV experience, while the air mouse, wheel control, and universal control of the Magic Remote streamline your navigation. There are more than a thousand of your favourite applications only a click away.

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