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K1 Smart Lock Box – Smart Door Lock from the Future!


The lock system is essential for the security of your home, rental, condo, shop, and offices. However, in this era, everything has become smart, so why not locks. So introducing, K1 Smart Lock Box that will help you in managing work, home or any business venture. They are fast, reliable and can give you remote access. Isn’t that the futurist world we all fantasies?

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Yeeuu K1 Smart Lock Box is an intelligent lock box designed for guest, condo and property managers or homeowners for complete property access for a limited time. It features fingerprint, password, remote access and in-app management. K1 Smart Lock Box is the safest and most convenient way to provide keys as you can exchange your keys remotely at any time without the need to be on-site. The device gives a modern solution for owners and a much better experience for guests.

How to use it?

It can be used as a home security device and for businesses that need to monitor property access.

It features 3-types of Password Modes-

  1. Dynamic Password-

    K1 has a smart time algorithm that is synchronised between the app and lock by which the owner can generate and send the password to the guest which is only valid for 5 minutes and allows them to open the lockbox to access keys.

  2. Temporary Password with a Set Time Window-

    This feature allows the owner to set a temporary password instantly and provide it to guests using Bluetooth. It is often for vacation, rental guests or clients of realtors.

  3. Permanent Password-

    Permanent Password can be used with trusted associates and family members for easy 24/7 access that prevents lock-outs and the need for multiple keys. You can manage the shared access in the app via Bluetooth like changing or deleting the password for safe control.

The battery level is shown in the app, and with the low-battery indicator on the device, you will be able to know when to change them. In the case of dead batteries, the lockbox can be powered via a USB Type-C to unlock it and change the batteries.

K1 smart lockbox other features

K1 Smart Lock Box
K1 Smart Lock Box

  1. Grant Permission In-app feature – allows the owner to grant access permission to a guest with a set time. It will provide a convenient experience for the guest as they can access the lockbox using their own phone.
  2. Fingerprint Access feature – K1 stores up to 50 fingerprints at a time and the advanced fingerprint identifier provides access in less than 0.5 seconds. This makes it a fast, accurate and convenient feature.
  3. The technology used – K1 is protected by one of the most secure 128-bit Encryption Algorithm, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This ultra-secure encryption is used globally by banks and financial institutions. Further, hacking K1 is difficult as the lockbox will be automatically deactivated for 15 minutes if 6 incorrect passwords or 15 wrong fingerprints are entered within 5 minutes.
  4. In-App management- K1 is managed with an intuitive smartphone app that manages fingerprint and password entry along with remote access permissions and revocations.

Why smart lock?

K1 is user friendly as by using the app, permission can be granted with changes in stay durations for guests. You can also record detailed information regarding access of users by time, method, alarms and password attempts. It is energy efficient for long term use as it holds 3 AAA batteries to power the device for 12+ months.

Installation of K1 Smart Lock Box

Installation of the K1 lockbox can be permanent or temporary and can be installed securely in minutes. For permanent installations, bolt-thru and screw-on hardware are provided. You can mount the lockbox in any convenient location on the house. For temporary installations, a high-strength steel doorknob shackle can be used to install it on any doorknob or door handle.


You can buy the K1 Smart Lock Box at ₹8,189,000 INR from the Indiegogo site. For more details, click here.

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