KOGO launches the first story-telling platform for travelers

KOGO launches first unified AI powered story-telling platform for travellers

KOGO, the world’s first unified platform for travelers. The core layer of this platform is an AI-powered storytelling engine that sanctions automated content creation, travel discovery and enhanced experiences.  Travelling and social media is a sort of important part of everyone’s life and the platform provided by social media has let all the avid travelers writing about their travels and sharing recommendations on various platforms. Moreover, KOGO will be available for pre-order from January 27, 2020.

KOGO works with the new AI-powered kogoAPPTM along with with the sensor-rich KogoBOTTM that records all the places where the user’s visits and converts it into unique travel stories that can be easily edited, shared and discovered anytime, anywhere.

Created and Founded by serial entrepreneurs like Raj K Gopalakrishnan and Praveer Kochhar, KOGO enables automated content creation, travel discovery and enhanced experiences that can instantly be shared anywhere. KOGO is also gamifying the entire travel experience, by planting rewards along popular routes to offer special deals and incentives via partner brands including discounts on hotels, petrol, food, events, and experiences

Features of KOGO:

1. The KogoBOTTM device is a small gadget that has a dedicated GPS and multiple sensors to map out the journey of the traveler. It then takes the data captured by the device and uses artificial intelligence to automatically create stories as the person travels.

2. The automated content can be then viewed as blogs, maps, cards or videos and can be edited and shared across multiple platforms

3. The KogoBOTTM is small enough to be kept anywhere while traveling. Users can mount it on a bike or car or chuck it into your backpack.

4. The KogoBOTTM  comes with 7 days of battery with heavy usage, and up to 10 days of data even when there is no network

Price and Availability

The KogoBOTTM device is priced for Rs. 7,749 and is available for pre-order from 27 January 2020 onwards on shop.kogo.ai/ and across a network of 200 points of sale in India.

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