[Flash Sale] Kospet Magic 2 Smart watch Top Features (2020)

Kospet MAGIC 2 smart watch

Kospet, a professional smartwatch manufacturer, has launched several smartwatches. One of them is Kospet Magic 2 smart watch. Kospet is one of the best-known brands to offer affordable smartwatches in the market.  Kospet Magic 2 by Kospet is a perfect companion for sporting activities. The smartwatch is designed to provide comfort and fun both at the same time. The watch comes with a slim design with a wide display and two sets of straps. The watch is durable and sports the all-metal body.

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Kospet MAGIC 2 Smart watch Features

1. Design and Display

The watch gives a professional look and is a lightweight device that is made using zinc alloy. The watch features a soft but durable silicone strap. Th4e straps are replaceable and come with a replacement strap for FREE with two-tone colour. It sports a TFT LCD display of 1.3-inch. The display is protected by an ultra-clear, wear-resistant 2.5D curved glass screen. The watch comes with 12 watch faces to choose from.

2. Battery life

The watch comes with a battery capacity of 200mAh. The watch comes with 7-10 days of battery life in normal usage and supports 30 days of standby time.

3. Sport modes

The watch features 30-sports mode (indoor and outdoor). With 30-sports mode, you get the opportunity to stay fit, and hence, for all the health and fitness enthusiasts, this is an ideal watch. List of sports modes Outdoor running, Sit-ups, Revolving, Outdoor cycling, Walking, Basketball and much more.

4. Wear Fit GPS Run Feature

This feature is used to record your movement, trajectory, speed, mileage, and other information all along the journey. Moreover, the smartwatch and smartphone provide users with more scientific exercise data for their next build-up plan.

5. Health and Fitness support

Apart from 30 sports mode, the smartwatch also features an automatic step counter with calorie and distance tracking, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and blood oxygen monitoring to keep your health in check all the time. Moreover, some other health and fitness support includes: sleep tracking as well as sedentary alert.

6. Upgraded memory

Kospet Magic 2 is known as a much faster watch when compared to its previous version. It comes with 512 KB of RAM and 128 M of flash memory. Hence3, there is no lag and a smooth transition of menus as per the company.

7. Message Notification and Alert Reminder Feature

The smartwatch supports call and message notification. It also supports social app notifications such as  Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Wechat, Weibo, WhatsApp, etc. Moreover, you can use the watch to set the alarm, and it features up to 8 alarm settings.

My Thoughts

Kospet MAGIC 2 smart watch

It is a good watch for people who are concerned about their health and fitness regime. The watch features lots of sports mode, upgraded display, and hardware.

The smartwatch is priced for $49.99. However, there is a massive discount on the first 1000 pieces. As a deal, the first 1000 buyers will get the watch at $24.99. you can purchase the watch from gearbest.com

Buy Kospet Magic 2 on SALE

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