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Launch of Bluetooth Calling Smartwatches Pebble Frost Pro, Pebble Crest


Pebble’s Frost Pro and Crest smartwatches, both of which cost less than Rs. 3,000, have been introduced in India. The smartwatches have Bluetooth connections for phone calls and can stay powered for as long as seven days. The smartwatches include advanced sensors that monitor your health in various ways. The 1.96-inch display of the Pebble Frost wristwatch is surpassed by the 2.02-inch, IPS display with 600nits peak brightness on the Pebble Crest smartwatch. The Pebble Crest, which includes a silicone band, is costlier than the Pebble Frost Pro.

Pebble Frost Pro specifications, features

The Pebble Frost Pro is the newest addition to Pebble’s lineup of smartwatches. The screen size is 1.96 inches. It has a rotating crown, a metal case, and a rectangular dial. Users may make and take calls from their wrists thanks to the smartwatch’s built-in Bluetooth connectivity. In order to make or receive calls, the watch will need to be synced with a smartphone. Both Apple and Google mobile operating systems can communicate with the Pebble Frost Pro.

The wristwatch also has built-in artificial intelligence speech assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. The SpO2 meter, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen level monitor, and sleep monitor are just some of the advanced health monitors included with the Pebble Frost Pro.

The smartwatch also has a number of different sports modes and face designs to choose from. The Pebble Frost Pro has a built-in 250mAh battery that can be charged using the included cable. The manufacturer claims that the watch can run for up to five days while using Bluetooth calling and up to seven days when not using Bluetooth calling.

Pebble Crest specifications, features

The 2.02-inch IPS HD display on the Pebble Crest wristwatch has a 320×385 pixel resolution and 600nits peak brightness. The rectangular dial of the smartwatch is made of alloy, and it is attached to a silicone band. It has the same SpO2 monitoring, heart rate tracking, and blood oxygen level monitoring that come standard on the Pebble Frost Pro.

A smaller 240mAh battery powers the smartwatch, yet it still supposedly lasts for five days while using Bluetooth calling and seven days when not. The wristwatch also has a number of other handy tools including an alarm, stopwatch, music player, phone, AI voice assistant, and a smart calculator.

Pebble Frost Pro, Pebble Crest price, availability in India

The retail price of the Pebble Frost Pro smartwatch is Rs. 1,999 (about $230). The smartwatch is offered in four distinct colorways: black, blue, orange, and white.

In contrast, the cost of a Pebble Crest smartwatch in India is Rs 2,499. Colors include Jet Black, Midnight Blue, Salamander Orange, and Sunrise Yellow.

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