LeEco Super Smart TV – Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

LeEco Super Smart TV - Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

LeEco is the company, the day it entered India shake the whole smartphone market by releasing their flagship at very affordable price and specs. Now again they have shaken up the market by launching the trio series of their TV’s. The quality, specs and the price at which they are offering the TV, will blow your mind.

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Now coming to some of the questions which my viewer commented and asked in my previous Un-Boxing Video of Supper 3 x55.

Starting with:

Does LeEco Super Smart TV Support external Drive?

Yes, It does support external HDD, I have tested Up to 1 TB, and it is working without any extra power. It will detect all your data, and you can easily play Movies, Videos, Songs, Images Etc. Using HDD. Almost all kind of Codec will work while playing the Video or Movie like MP4, MKV, etc.

Does it Upscale the Videos?

First coming up what is up-scaling, it just means playing your HD video into a 4K video. It is something different. You can play any quality on LeEco TV. Quality will depend on your source which you are playing. Doing upscaling just zoom out the lower quality source to higher, but the quality remains the same, so just forget it.

Is there Any Cam Card System?

No, you need to install a Setup Box separately beside your TV to watch different channels, there is no slot for inbuilt Setup box in TV.

Can you play YouTube, photos, etc. on LeEco Smart TV Automatically?

Yes, You can Install YouTube on TV using LeEco App Store, and play all your YouTube video on it. Coming to the photos, yes you can play photos as a slideshow, you just need to open the gallery or file manager, open the image, and you are ready to go.

Can we add Play Store in LeEco Super Smart TV?

No, You cannot Install Play Store on TV. LeEco has their own LeEco App Store present on the TV with Limited apps, but wait this is not enough you can side load the APK’s just by putting it on you SD Card and install it on your TV.

Does LeEco Super Smart TV Support 3D Content support?

Yes, LeEco Super 3 Max65 Support 3D Content rest all the lower model won’t support 3D content. They don’t convert the 2D image into the 3D image.

How LeEco Stand in front of other Top Brands? 

Comparing to the pricing then definitely, LeEco is the only brand who offers such quality and clarity. Coming to other Top Tier brands like Samsung and Sony, who need to pay more high price to get these specification and after that also you need to pay extra for shipping, installation, and no LeEco Ecosystem as well as only 1 year warranty, whereas LeEco is giving 4 Year of warranty with everything free like shipping, installation.

Can we Install Mx player on LeEco Super Smart TV?

Yes, you can Install and use Mx Player in LeEco TV by sideloading the APK using memory Card. You can play any format Video in MX player, and it will work fine with no lag and Shagginess.

Can we Install APK in SD Card or Move Installed Apps in SD Card or transfer apps to SD Card?

No, You cannot Install any application directly in SD Card, and even after you cannot move already installed apps from system to SD Card.

Does LeEco Super Smart Tv support 4k YouTube Videos Directly?

No, after installing the app onto the television, it only supports video content till 1080p, there is no option for 4K video playback in the application directly. Whereas if you mirror cast your phone screen onto the TV, then you can stream 4K content using YouTube on your TV.

What is the Refresh rate for LeEco Super Smart TV?

For X55 Model the refresh rate is 60Hz which is enough for high-end gaming, but if you are something insane and has beast gaming PC in you house, then Super3 Max65 is meant for you, as it supports 120Hz of refresh rate especially for High Intense 4K gaming.

You can buy LeEco 4k TVs from:-

  • LeEco Super3 55x TV (Rs 59,789)- Buy Now
  • LeEco Super3 65x TV (Rs 99,789)  – Buy Now
  • LeEco Super3 65x Max TV (Rs 149,789) – Buy Now
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