Lenovo Opens IHRD College Of Applied Science Millet Farming Digital Center


Lenovo has opened a new digital center at the IHRD College of Applied Science in Kanthalloor, India as part of its Work for Humankind initiative. Advocate A Raja, MLA, and P T Mohandas, Panchayat President, were the principal guests at the opening ceremony, which was attended by volunteers from Lenovo India and the IHRD university. With the help of this “Lenovo digital center for Kanthalloor Millets,” local farmers will have access to up-to-date resources and knowledge on millet cultivation.

Lenovo’s Work for Humanity program is using cutting-edge technologies to help farmers in Kanthalloor, Kerala, return to growing Millet. Our project’s goals and the spirit of ‘Sree Anna,’ a kind of millets championed by our great leader, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, are a perfect fit. Small farmers may learn a lot from them since they promote sustainable agriculture, help local economies, and improve the health of tribal people.

Volunteers on the Project will seek to improve key stakeholders’ knowledge of market links and increase access to digital resources on government initiatives and millet farming techniques. The ‘digital gap’ in the area will be attacked head-on by this initiative, which will strive to increase access to technology for the general populace. Access to products and services like Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Service and cloud solutions are also part of the digital center’s setup alongside a wide range of Lenovo devices including the ThinkPad, Yoga, Motorola Edge, and tablets.

Chief Guest, Advocate A Raja, MLA, addressed the crowd at the launch, saying, “It is a proud moment for Kanthalloor to be chosen as part of this project by Lenovo, in an effort to bring Kanthalloor Millets to the larger market.” To everyone who helped make this project a success, our sincere appreciation. I am writing to strongly request that the farmers of Kanthalloor provide their full support and assistance to this endeavor. Lenovo’s new digital center for Kanthalloor millet at IHRD College provides farmers with access to cutting-edge technology that will help them make a profit from growing millet.

Shailendra Katyal, Managing Director, Lenovo India, said “To help close the digital gap, Lenovo launched the Work for Humanity program. The millet hub is catapulted to the forefront by the seamless integration of Lenovo’s cutting-edge technology, solutions, and services at the Lenovo digital center, which epitomizes tech for good. Our goal is to provide farmers with the resources they need to improve millet production. We want to re-energize the ‘Sree Anna’ manufacturing process so that it may be scaled up and maintained as a sustainable food source for the community.”

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