Lenovo’s Legion branded gaming smartphone is Coming Soon

Lenovo’s Legion branded gaming smartphone is coming soon

Lenovo, a leader in smartphones and tablets is now working on the smartphone gaming segment and is planning to compete against Razer, Black Shark, Nubia, and ROG like brands. Lenovo has made a new Weibo page for smartphone gaming. However, the profile page does not contain the official Legion branding but the viewers got a glimpse of legion brand on the profile photo.

The Vice President of Lenovo, Chang Cheng, confirmed the gaming smartphone from the company, last year in April.  We all are aware of the popularity of smartphone gaming all across the world. The Gaming smartphones are designed to provide long and comfortable gaming sessions. The gaming smartphones feature; high-end specifications, cooling solutions, good display, and sound.

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The Legion brand for gaming laptops is owned by Lenovo. However, Legion brand name was kept away from gaming smartphone. In the meantime, the popular and established gaming smartphone brand ROG and Razer marked their presence in the smartphone gaming segment. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi also understood the importance of gaming smartphones and hence it launched the Black Shark brand for gaming phones. The ZTE’s sub-brand also launched Nubia Red magic brand for gaming smartphones.

Speaking about ROG gaming smartphones, ROG Phone 2 is the best gaming smartphone available in the market. The smartphone comes with the gaming-centric design. Other brands are also focusing on designing smartphones with game-centric hardware and software.

The gaming smartphone under Legion’s brand will come with high-end hardware, 120Hz HDR display, RGB light on the back, Air Triggers and a large battery. However, there is no information available on specifications and design but in the coming weeks, we can expect more information. Stay Tuned for more information!

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