LG G5 – An Era of Modular Phones has Started


Hi, guys in the era of the 21st century wherein technology everything is possible. The thing which you imagine in few days you will find it in your hand in working mode. From past two years, you all must be listing and seeing the Google project, the project era which is in test and beta phase. But Lg is here with the world first Modular Device, you change the battery add different modules using it like Additional camera module for professional camera shoots, Adding speakers with bass in it and many other modules.


After seeing the device it looks normal like other devices but when we use it, see its features, test it. You gonna love it for sure. Starting with the Looks and feel of the device. When we come to the front side of the Device at the top you will find the 8MP front facing camera which captures really very good images, after using it you will love it.

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Beside it, you will find the different sensors and earpiece. Moving below you will get a 5.3″ Quad HD Display which offers 554ppi (Pixel per inch), which is just amazing.


There are no capacitive touch buttons it, which mean you need to use the home screen buttons only which are also customizable according to your use and easiness. You can also see the LG branding below the quad HD screen on a small bezel.


Moving further, at the bottom side of the device you will see a USB Type – C port which means it is capable of Fast Charging and is future proof. Beside it, you will find the Speaker grill which looks cool and a primary microphone as well.


On the Top Side of the device, you will find the 3.5mm Audio Jack with a Secondary mic beside it. The audio jack support Hi end audio output which I love on their headphones.


Coming to the side of the Device it is having chamfered edges, but on the top side, it is not having any chamfered edges to add some different look to it. On the Left side of the device, you can see the Volume Rockers which has no patterned feel on it but give quite good haptic feedback.


Below on that side you will also find a small push kind of button which is used to pull out the battery module from the device. You just need to press it and push the battery a bit out and here you go, the battery will be out from its place and you can change the module accordingly.


Like here I have installed the camera module which in itself also having a 4000mAh battery inside it. Using this you can handle the LG G5 like professional camera functionality.


Moving towards the other side of the device you will only find a Sim Tray slot which supports single sim with a Micro SD Card with it. It supports up to 200GB of Card Slot which is good for a heavy user. The battery which comes with the device is 2800 mAh which seems to be quite low with all these functionalities but you can always get a new battery for this device as you can change the battery anytime on the go.


Moving further to the back side of the device you will find the Dual camera specially built in for wide angle shots. LG had a demo zone over there where you could shoot a 135-degree wide photo from just a few feet away. The picture is, however, was curved at the edges. It is easy to toggle between Wide angle and normal mode. Between both the cameras, you can see the Single LED flash and a Laser Auto-focus which help the device to focus in just nanoseconds. Below it ,you will see a fingerprint sensor which is really very fast and that fingerprint act as a power-lock key as well, which is a nice feature which is being added by LG in this new innovative device. But sometimes it really takes time to find that power lock key if you are new to the device.


Moving further below you will see the G5 branding over there. which is normal for other devices.


When we come to the UI of the Device it is really very smooth like butter and is running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with LG Optimus UX 5.0 on top of it, which LG own Skin for all its android devices. Overall the UI experience is good and smooth, multitasking was just too good no lag was there while I was opening so a lot of apps at a single time.


Coming to the camera interface it is good and also has manual controls which are necessary with this high-end camera device. I made some camera samples and clips will be uploading desperately on the channel and will add the link below as well for it.

So, guys do share your views regarding it by commenting.

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