LG Launches New Range of OLED

LG, a South Korean multinational electronics company has recently launched “AI ThinQ TVs” with built in Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Airplay 2 support.

AI ThinQ TVs are powered by Alpha 9 generation 2 processor and Deep Learning technologies such as HDR 10 pro, HLG Pro HDR, Technicolor and Dolby Atmos technologies. The company claims that it is the only brand to provide support for AI platforms without the need of extra hardware in it’s TV.

LG AI ThinQ TVs offers an interactive experience by employing Natural Processing Learning (NLP) to deliver intelligent voice actuated control. With the built in Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Airplay 2, users can select their favourite program, ask questions, and control compatible smart devices with the help of assistant. These AI based technologies also allows the users to use intelligent voice to speak into LG magic Remote to search for shows and change TV settings.

LG include various TV models like SMART, LED, UHD, OLED AI ThinQ and Nano Cell TV series. However, UHD, OLED AI ThinQ and Nano Cell TV series are the only televisions that supports built in Alexa and Google Assistant.

Speaking about the various size ranges available and the price of various models, the AI ThinQ TVs size ranges from 32-inch to 77- inch and are priced in between Rs. 24,990 and Rs. 10,99,990. The OLED TVs are priced at the starting price of Rs. 2,09.990, while the cost of UHD series TV starts from Rs. 50,990 and the Nano Cell TVs can be purchased at the price of Rs. 32,990.


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