LinkedIn at 20: A New Career Era for Professionals

LinkedIn at 20

Today, LinkedIn, the world’s biggest professional network, celebrates its 20th anniversary. It performed new research* on professionals’ career perspectives to chart the 20-year evolution of work. The report shows that professionals are taking charge of their lives and choosing non-linear career pathways to realise their purpose.

LinkedIn at 20: Professionals Establish Careers with Talents

20 years ago, professionals chose vocations based on their degrees, location, and job availability. Today, professionals value abilities above degrees to change careers. LinkedIn found that 76% of Indian professionals think degrees are less important for careers than 20 years ago.

Due to the move towards skills-based recruiting, 82% of Indian professionals feel that firms are now more comfortable employing people without relevant job experience but with the proper abilities.

LinkedIn at 20: Career Pivots and Non-linear Routes are Rising

People no longer work at one job for decades. Professionals are more open to job interruptions and non-linear careers as they write their own career playbooks. 83% of Indians think job routes and skills were simpler 20 years ago. As more Indian professionals choose non-linear career paths, 85% feel that transferrable talents are increasingly respected and accepted.

84% of professionals are more receptive to career pivots than 20 years ago. 82% of professionals feel changing occupations is simpler now than 20 years ago, reflecting a rising willingness to pursue multiple dream jobs at different times.

LinkedIn at 20: Professionals Seek Values-based Careers

Indian professionals increasingly choose to work with organisations that share their beliefs above income. Compared to 20 years ago, 87% say it is now more essential to hunt for a job and/or work in a firm that supports their culture and values.

88% of Indian professionals choose to work for a company that appreciates their culture and values, even amid economic turmoil. LinkedIn data shows that culture-related job advertisements had 20% greater views than those without.

LinkedIn’s new job search filter lets professionals search for open positions based on an organization’s commitment to values like work-life balance, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), career growth and learning, social impact, and environmental sustainability. Job seekers may read about a company’s commitments on their LinkedIn Page and indicate their interest in working there, which will highlight their LinkedIn Profile to hiring managers via LinkedIn’s Recruiter tool.

LinkedIn at 20: Career Success Requires Networking

Networking may lead to job chances. 84% of Indian professionals think a good network is more important now than 20 years ago. Indian professionals prioritise learning from experts (51%), increasing confidence (47%), and career advancement and improvement (46%).

LinkedIn data shows a rise in Indian connections from 22.94 per second (Feb 2020 to Jan 2021) to 34.82 per second (Feb 2022 to Jan 2023).

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