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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Only on PS5 20th October

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released on Friday, October 20, 2023, exclusively for PlayStation 5. This news has Insomniac Games jumping with joy. After the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020), the crew has been working hard for years to make this third edition in the series all you could want from a Spider-Man movie.

With enhanced graphics, quicker web swinging (and web wings! ), 3D Audio, and almost rapid character change, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fully utilizes the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 platform. We here at Insomniac, PlayStation, and Marvel Games are really excited for you to experience this breathtaking open world adventure in single player. 

Playable characters in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 include Peter Parker and Miles Morales, allowing players to explore Marvel’s New York from both perspectives. The game’s core plot will see you playing as both Spider-Men at various stages in the campaign, as shown in the PlayStation Showcase last month. While roaming the free environment of Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, you may seamlessly transition between them at anytime. Each of the Spider-Men has a unique backstory and objective in the universe.

The box cover for our game makes it clear that Peter and Miles play significant roles in the plot. Despite the return of the classic red backdrop, the heroes of Marvel find themselves in peril as New York City comes under attack from fan-favorite villains like as Venom, Lizard, and Kraven. Peter’s symbiote arm depicts his enhanced physical capabilities, whereas Miles’ bioelectric Venom powers are represented by his upgraded arm.

We have not only revealed the release date for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but also various different editions. On June 16th, 2023, you’ll be able to place a preorder through the PlayStation Store and other partnering stores. At 10 a.m. on June 16, 2023, pre-orders will be available.

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