MAXHUB Launches AI-enabled Interactive Flat Panel Series for Seamless Communication and Customer Experience

MAXHUB launched its AI-enabled V6 Series of interactive flat panels
MAXHUB launched its AI-enabled V6 Series of interactive flat panels

At the Palm Expo in Mumbai on Tuesday, MAXHUB, the industry-leading interactive and collaborative solution brand, debuted its two new AI-enabled interactive flat panel series, V6 Transcend and Classic interactive. MAXHUB has introduced cutting-edge audiovisual (AV) equipment and solutions that are both exciting and practical for the modern workplace and classroom.

The audio-visual (AV) business has recently seen an uptick in the use of technology for remote collaboration, corporate engagements with big audiences, distant learning, and hybrid working. MAXHUB’s new V6 series aims to blend screen sharing, innovative whiteboard technology, and great audio-visual features for smooth collaboration and an exceptional user experience. Each model in this line comes with a built-in camera, microphone, and touch panel with vivid, rich colours, anti-glare tempered glass, and scratch resistance.

MAXHUB launched its AI-enabled V6 Series of interactive flat panels

Commenting on the same, Rohit AK, Head of Corporate Business, said, “We are highly delighted to introduce our interactive flat panel displays, which are intended to meet the expanding demands of the modern business environment. These AI-powered devices will be the epitome of new technology that will aid in ever-changing work settings and improve the quality of conferences and meetings. By combining VC-ready characteristics with productive discussion facilitators, the hybrid-working mode may be greatly accelerated through efficient and effective interactions.

The need for cutting-edge Interactive solutions is growing rapidly as customers search for methods to improve their communication in ways that are both efficient and lucrative. With these adaptable products and cutting-edge solutions, MAXHUB has established itself as a frontrunner in the manufacture of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled LCD and LED systems, providing users with an unparalleled level of convenience and connectivity thanks to MAXHUB OS 6.0’s built-in wireless projection and video conferencing bars.

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