Measure the Power Draw from Type-C Port with Satechi USB-C Power Meter


The normal charger that comes with any Type-C laptops or smartphones are only responsible for charging your devices without giving you further information about voltage supplied or the amount of current being input. But with Satechi USB-C you can monitor the power of your devices while charging them.

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Satechi USB-C is a power meter that is used for Type-C devices. You can use this power meter to measure volts, amps and mAh from compatible Type -C ports. What is best about this is that it has easy to read display. The display from where you can read all the readings of Volts and amps.

What is this Power Meter capable of Doing?

Besides charging your compatible Type-C device, it measures the voltage of your port’s power in real time. It also checks the current in ampere being supplied to your device, it also calculates wattage. To calculate wattage simply multiply the volts by the Amps (P = A×V).


  1. Measures voltage, current and power input to your device over time.
  2. Bright, easy to read display.
  3. Compatible with most type C laptops and smartphones.

 Why should one go for Power Meter?

should one go for Power MeterYou can use the power meter to see how much power is transferring to your device since the beginning of charging. Sleek design and easy to read display is a perfect solution for monitoring. As it is sleek and portable so it is easy to store in a bag.


The product is available on, the price of Satechi USB-C Power meter is 22.95$. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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