‘Mission Start Ab’ Business Reality Series Launches By Amazon Prime Video

Mission Start Ab

Amazon Prime Video, in conjunction with the PSA Office, introduced on Wednesday a new business reality series called “Mission Start Ab.” Based on the platform’s description, the seven-part series will feature promising entrepreneurs who are dedicated to growing made-for-India technologies with the potential to affect societal and economic transformation. According to a press release issued by the streaming service, “with India as one of the world’s largest and most vibrant start-up ecosystems, this wholly Made-In-India series also brings together three renowned investors who will search for India’s next Unicorn,” by putting 10 early-stage founders through a series of “intense exercises and simulations” designed to evaluate their “entrepreneurial, management, communication, and crises management skills.”

The soon-to-be-released series “Mission Start Ab” is now under development. “I am thrilled to launch Prime Video’s reality series Mission Start Ab., which celebrates the incredible spirit of India’s grassroots entrepreneurs. According to Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, Ajay Kumar Sood, this engaging series will serve as a strong platform, exposing the remarkable tales of people pushing societal change through innovation.

The potential for grassroots entrepreneurs in India to gain knowledge about sustainable start-up practises and connect with the appropriate investors fills me with optimism. He said, “The show will also entertain viewers while contributing to the development of the grassroots innovation ecosystem across the country.”

According to Prime Video India’s country director Sushant Sreeram, the company has always been a direct and indirect driver of the Indian economy. “This collaboration between the Office of the PSA, Government of India and Prime Video is another milestone on the journey that started earlier this year when Amazon India signed the Letter of Engagement (LoE) with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) with an objective to contribute to the growth of India’s creative economy,” Sareen said.

A guest appearance by Alia Bhatt, who said that “Mission Start Ab” might have a “far-reaching impact on the country’s growing start-up ecosystem,” rounded off the event. “While there are many great ideas and ambitious young founders around us, it takes a special kind of determination to turn that idea into reality, to build the right team, to find the right mentors, to raise funding, and to create something out of nothing,” she added.

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