MIUI 9 Features, Supported Devices List and Release Date for Download

MIUI 9 Features

As we all know that Xiaomi has launched its official ROM, MIUI 9 in China. The OS is currently in developer mode and will be available soon globally in beta version. To be honest, even we can’t really wait to check out the OS itself. As far as we know, the MIUI 9 has a new user interface, more themes and lots of background stability update. The beta version of the OS will be based on Android 7.0 Nougat and will release in 2 phase.

  1. August 11th, 2017: MIUI 9 Beta ROM for MI 6, MI 5X and Redmi note 4X.
  2. August 25th, 2017: MI Mix, MI note 2, MI 5, Mi 5s/5s Plus/5c, Mi Max 1/2, MI 4s/4c, MI Note pro, Redmi 4X.
  3. Late September: The official MIUI 9 Stable version will release for all the Xiaomi/Redmi Devices (Except MI 1/1A and MI 2A).

As far as we know, these are the release date for Chinese MIUI ROM. The global beta ROM is expected to come close to these dates.

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Apart from the new Android 7.0 nougat, Xiaomi is also teasing some new feature with the MIUI 9. There are various software fixes and add on stability, more battery optimization and some new UI enhancements. So, let’s check them out.

MIUI 9 Features:

1.Split screen: As we know, it’s an Android Nougat update so it will definitely sport the split screen feature. For your better multitasking experience.

MIUI 9 Features smart AI2.Smart assistant: I think this is one of the biggest updates in terms of UI. Xiaomi new MIUI 9 will have a very own assistant that will help you to search your photos, notes and other important appointments. We are not sure if it’s the next Bixby but it may sport similar feature.

MIUI 9 Features Smart app launcher

3.Smart app launcher: The new home launcher will come with a tiny intelligence, the launcher will monitor your history and the content on the screen. With the help of that information, the launcher will start a particular application. Sounds pretty similar to Google now on tap with a slight change, the app will suggest you of stuff immediately.

4.Fast app launching: The new UI is going to be much faster than the previous one. The three-way optimization technique is amazing. The UI will feature Optimized haptic feedback, intelligent CPU acceleration and very optimized thread scheduling. With all the enhancement the OS will be able to open an app in seconds.

5.New Lock screen: If we are not wrong, then the MIUI 9 will feature a new lock screen. Which will be a lot cleaner and maybe have the notification customization exactly like stock android.

6.High-Quality Audio: Xiaomi has introduced a new audio calibration algorithm, which will enhance the audio output. It will also come with a standalone audio amplifier that according to Xiaomi will provide exceptional sound.

MIUI 9 image search7.Image search: Not a very big fan of the gallery app but it got some update with the coming OS. The gallery app will not feature search options, which will enable you to search people by location, expression, different events. Sounds pretty similar to the Google photo app and since both apps will be installed out of the box. You’ll get confused which one to use.

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