MIX: The Smallest AR Glasses with 96 degree FoV 👓

MIX: The Smallest AR Glasses with 96 degree FoV 👓 1

The mix is a small and light-weighted AR Glasses set with a field of view of 96 degrees. It is compatible with SteamVR. But before we know more about Mix, let us know about augmented reality. In simple words, augmented reality is a technology that converts computer images into real-world images when viewed through a particular portable device. In this case Mix i.e. a pair of glasses acts as a portable device that lets you bring virtual images and games into your real world as it produces an augmented reality that is all around us. Unlike other AR devices, in MIX, the boundary to the virtual world can hardly be noticed. Hence, providing an immersive AR experience.

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How does MIX works?

It works on augmented technology and helps in providing a larger view through smaller size. You just need to wear the glasses and you can enjoy the seamless fusion of virtual objects and the real-world objects.


  1. MIX provides 96 degrees of Field-of-view, which is a captivating field-of-view for AR experience.
  2. Glasses are light-weight and comfortable to wear.
  3. It is compatible with SteamVR. It means that you can play AR with background- free apps and you can also develop AR applications with SteamVR SDK.
  4. Mix glasses consist of the removable black visor that lets you switch from an AR to VR experience.
  5. This device also features positional tracking, hand tracking and eye tracking.

Why should one go for the MIX?

MIX glasses could actually full-fill the goal for making AR, the next generation computing platform. Also, MIX’s 96° Field-of-View is the widest field of view on the AR market. So, if you are a tech freak and you’re into AR, then maybe you should go for this device.


You can buy this state-of-the-art product from Indiegogo.com at a minimal cost of 44 9 USD. So, hurry up they might have limited stock.

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