nowlight : Generate Instant Light & Power πŸ”‹ Anytime. Anywhere!

nowlight: the next generation GravityLight

We all are highly dependent on the non-renewable source of energy and we all know that time will come, when the non-renewable source of energy will end. Just to save the fossil fuels and stop carbon emission, we must try to depend on the renewable source of energy.

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We all are aware of how solar energy is beneficial to us and has always acted as a perfect alternative for the non-renewable energy resources. Here I am going to introduce a product that can generate instant renewable light & power, simply with the pull of a cord! Yes, you heard it correctly NOWLIGHT is the next generation gravity light that can generate electricity with the pull of a cord. 1 minute of constant pulling may result in 1 hour of electricity.

How does Nowlight Works?

Nowlight comes with a power display, Satlight and solar panel. A cord and a USB port are attached to a power display. You just have to pull that cord to generate electricity. The USB port allows you to charge your devices. The SatLight comes with a 5 brightness level and is a source of light whereas solar panel is used to charge the nowlight in 5 hours.


  1. It is a portable device and its installation and set-up process is easy.
  2. One of the important features of nowlight is that you do not have to rely on the sun to charge the device. Hence you can generate the power no matter what the weather is.
  3. Nowlight can provide over 60 hours of light.
  4. By harnessing human power this device is capable to generate the maximum power with minimum effort.

Why should I buy It?

nowlight: the next generation GravityLight With the use of nowlight one can eliminate the need for kerosene lamps hence can save money. Also, nowlightΒ provides clean, safe, and affordable power for people without access to electricity hence cleaning the environment in a better and cheaper way.


You can buy this innovative NowLight from at a minimal cost of 85 USD which is complete pack whereas if you only what to buy a nowlight it will cost you 70$ which is a very minimal cost for this kind of innovation. So, hurry up because they got a limited stock.

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