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The Comfort and Benefits of Lift Chairs

We all know that lift chairs are one of the best pieces of furniture we can have in our homes, and they are been used by elderly and disabled people for a long time.

What if we could have the opportunity to sit back on a comfortable lift chair recliner with feet raised, having the pleasant feeling of total relaxation and comfort? I believe it is a great idea, right?

How Lift Chairs Work?

Maybe you are asking yourself: “what’s so special about a lift chair? Well, a lift chair looks no different from a standard reclining chair. The only thing is that it has additional features which make the life of elderly people more comfortable and practical.

In fact, a lift chair is a piece of medical equipment, which can be used reclined or in an upright position by just pushing a button. So, the user operates the chair by pressing the buttons instead of manually.

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Such chairs are available in varied sizes, styles and materials, and most of the time, the lift chairs are customized to attend to the clients’ specific needs. And these clients tend to be older people, who have serious joint problems, back pains and restricted mobility.

Who Benefits from a Lift Chair?

By using a lift chair, elderly people feel more confident to perform simple movements, such as sitting down or standing up, as these issues associated with ageing start to show up when we get older.

Lift chairs are ideal solutions for everyone who has some kind of difficulty moving from a seated position to standing, especially because of limited mobility or issues related to balance. And some of the features you can find on this kind of chair is heat and massage (ideal for those who suffer from arthritis, back and leg issues, as they can provide relief and comfort at the same time.

Many individuals even choose to sleep in their lift chairs than in their beds due to the varied positions available. Not only they are excellent for sleeping, but also for watching television, reading and using the computer.

What You Should Consider When Getting a Lift Chair

There are many places where you can order a lift chair, but we totally recommend that you consider working with a professional or some specialised store to determine the best type, which includes the size, features and design.

A good expert should be able to determine with you some of the following points:

  • If you have a pet or not: depending on the answer, the expert can recommend you one kind of material or a different size.
  • Your weight: finding a suitable lift chair designed according to the client’s weight is priority number one.
  • If you drink or eat in the chair: for cleaning purposes, it would be better to acquire a vinyl or leather model, for example.
  • The purpose of using the lift chair: as most of them are designed for the elderly, what can eventually happen is that the lift chair may be used by someone fit or with minor health problems, so providing this kind of information to the expert is extremely relevant here.
  • Your current space home: in order to have a comfortable lift chair home, it is more than necessary to know if it will fit in your space. Some units occupy more space, while others can be more compact.

Regardless of age or condition, lift chairs provide something for everyone. Just choose the best model according to your needs and get ready to have comfort at home!

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