Modius – A Gadget that will Help You Lose Weight!

MODIUS: The Smarter Way to Lose Weight

Everyone wants to look fit and fine avoiding the risk of health problems or disorder involving excessive body fat. Nowadays, losing weight is very common. If you struggle with excessive weight, you already know know how hard it is to lose weight. There’s no shortcut to weight loss but you can make the process easier through modius headset. It is the smarter way to lose weight as it uses neurotechnology to make weight loss effortless. It is an advancement in technology that helps you to get a leaner body without any diet or exercise.

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How does modius works?

Modius works on neuroscience. Headset sends electrical signals, stimulating the hypothalamus which makes you less hungry and the hypothalamus is thought to have a ‘set point’ that lets you lose weight by managing appetite and metabolic rate. It basically tricks your brain to think that your body is active and helps you to reduce fat. It also stimulates the vestibular nerve which has a strong effect on people’s ability to maintain weight.


  1. Modius headset can be connected to your device (iOS 9+ and Android 5+) through modius app.
  2. You can use it anywhere anytime as it has 24/7 support.
  3. The modius headset is charged via USB.
  4. It is a light weighted U-shaped plastic that fits your head and makes you feel comfortable.
  5. The headset has electrodes that stick to the head just behind the ears.

Why should one go for Modius?

Modius-smart-bandOne hour of everyday use can help you to lose weight without any extra effort. It can be used while resting on your bed, watching TV and reading books. It is the easiest way to lose body fat for those who find it difficult to follow the daily diet and workout. Wear it for an hour a day and neuroscience can melt off your fat and can change a person’s overall metabolism.


You can buy this state-of-the-art headset from at a minimal cost of 499 USD. So, hurry up they might have limited stock.

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