Sensorwake Trio- The Smart Alarm clock will Wake You Up with a Soft Perfume


In an ideal world, you wake up when your alarm rings. But apparently, morning alarms are hated the most. As the technology advances, we got to the smart alarm clock and the alarm clock that could make coffee for you but today we have something different in the house; an alarm clock based on smell. Yes, you read it correctly.

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Sensorwake Trio is a smell-based alarm, which consists of a variety of smells like coffee, the beach, forest, orange juice, cookie, chocolate factory or peppermint. Sensorwake Trio not only allows you to choose the fragrance of your choice but also gives you the liberty to change the fragrant according to your mood hence an alarm way more different than the traditional alarms that you people might have been using till now.

How does SensorWake Trio work?

Sensorwake alarm clock works on clean-air dry diffusion technology that wakes you up in a more refreshed way. This product does not require complicated set-up you just have to plug-in the device and then insert the scent/fragrant of your choice and finally activate the alarm.


  1. Sensorwake is a small and sophistically designed alarm clock.
  2. There are varieties of scent like- coffee, forest etcetera and 1 capsule of scent lasts for 30 days.
  3. You have the option of choosing backlight activation melody of your choice.
  4. You can adjust the volume for the alarm as per your requirement.
  5. Sensorwake alarm clock offers 5 motivational melodies so that you wake up happier and more motivated.

Why should one go for Sensorwake Trio?


People who find traditional alarms annoying and want peaceful mornings and want to feel refreshed instead of lazy, all tech-lovers who are great fans of advanced technologies that come in market, should surely go for this alarm clock as this product requires one-time investment only.


You can buy this state-of-the-art Alarm Clock from at a minimal cost of 59 USD. So, hurry up they might have limited stock.

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