MONSTER X: The Future of Portable Power Stations


If you are planning to buy a battery power generator, so why not choose a smart generator that is portable and can even be recharged through a solar panel. Monster X is the most powerful battery power generator that can give you the maximum power and fastest recharging experience. It can provide a massive 2000W of power output that keeps a wide range of appliances powered for hours and hours. With Monster X, you can power any home appliances such as laptops, electric saw, refrigerator, coffee maker, electric grill, oven, radiant heater, drone or even a Tesla.

How to use Monster X?

Connecting through Bluetooth, you can control this smart power system from the App. With this app, you can turn the outputs on or off as required and can monitor its battery from anywhere at any time. It features 4x fast-charging USB ports, 2x 60W PD USB-C ports and 4x wall outlets on both the international and American models.

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There are three ways in which Monster X can be recharged.

  1. 100W AC Input- Using alternating current, a voltage can be modified easily, and power can be transmitted at very high voltages before being taken down to safer voltages for commercial and residential use.
  2. 200W DC Input- Using Direct current, electricity can be stored for future use.
  3. 200W Solar Input- It is an eco-friendly way of charging the device. You don’t have to depend on fossil fuels as this renewable clean power is available every day.

Monster X has two universal solar inputs and is compatible with any solar panels. Within 6 hours, it can be fully recharged. You have an option to use a portable solar panel or do solar installations on the rooftop. A premium-grade solar panel helps it to reach a higher Solar Energy Conversion Rate (22%-25%). It is durable, portable, lighter and waterproof.

MONSTER X Features

MONSTER X: The Future of Portable Power Stations
MONSTER X Features: The Future of Portable Power Stations
  • This battery power generator is equipped with 3C high-rate lithium-ion batteries which provide a massive 1300Wh capacity.
  • It has a sturdy aluminium alloy casing and is protected by ABS+PC shed.
  • It has an Independent charging and discharging circuit that allow this power system to charge and recharge simultaneously.
  • It is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply(UPS) that offers guaranteed protection and Power backup for electronic devices such as Computers, Televisions, Security systems Gaming consoles, Mobile devices.
  • It is supported by Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology that controls circuits to obtain the maximum power from the cell module.
  • It certifies in Short-Circuit Protection, Battery Overcharge Protection, Output Overcharge Protection, Harsh Temperature Protection and so on.
  • An advanced and intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) protects Monster X from power surges and overheating, monitoring and alerting you of any sharp changes in temperature.

Why should we prefer Monster X?

It can power or charge 11 devices simultaneously, which can be easily controlled remotely using the Monster X app. It is both compact and lightweight so you can take it with you wherever you need it like powering an electric saw in the woods or charging your electric vehicle in the middle of the journey. It can give you 7.5 extra miles on a single charge. You can also rely on Monster X for charging medical devices such as a CPAP machine or a medical fridge. It doesn’t make noise while operating. It doesn’t require any type of maintenance though a lifetime battery warranty is offered to the Indiegogo backers.

MONSTER X Availability

Monster X is available on The price of the device is $819. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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Disclaimer: We have not tested this gadget personally, please research about the company and its policies before buying this product.

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