MSI’s latest Stealth 16 gaming laptop is a collaboration with Mercedes AMG

MSI Returns Strong For Computex 2023

MSI will be unmistakably identified as one of the best comebacks for this year’s Computex, with products ranging from the award-winning Creator Z17 HX Studio and updated Alpha 17 and Prestige 16 to the recently announced Commercial 14 and Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport.

As a result of taking home the Best Choice Award at this year’s Computex, creator Z17 HX Studio has been thrust back into the spotlight. It takes the concept of the world’s thinnest and most powerful Intel HX creator laptop and makes it real with its up to 13th Gen Intel® CoreTM i9 HX-series CPU with NVIDIA Studio verification.

The Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport, a legendary collaboration between MSI and Mercedes-AMG, stands out as the best of the bunch. This special model has a 4K OLED display in addition to a powerful Intel Core i9 CPU from the newest generation and a graphics processing unit from NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 40 Series laptop line. The special Premium Bundle Pack includes a mouse, mousepad, USB drive, and bag that together represent the common commitment to opulence between MSI and Mercedes-AMG.

The new Commercial 14 enhances the enterprise market with optional security measures, NFC (Near-field communication), and a built-in Smart Card Reader, allowing for further company expansion. Both may be tailored to meet specific requirements and provide an extra degree of security to the authentication process. Commercial 14 showcases MSI’s commitment to environmental conservation in addition to its many useful features in commercial area. Over 90% of the packaging is made from recycled paper, and 100% of the keyboard deck is built from PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) materials.

The updated Alpha 17 is powered by the cutting-edge AMD RyzenTM 7045 HX Dragon Range processor and the NVIDIA GeForce RTXTM 40 series laptop graphics processor. Alpha 17 is the first computational platform to have the Qualcomm® FastConnectTM 7800 Wi-Fi 7, so it’s safe to say that this is a major advance. With High Band Simultaneous (HBS) Multi-Link, the FastConnect 7800 leverages several bands can provide peak speeds of up to 5.8 Gbps and latency as low as 2 ms, bringing Wi-Fi 7 capabilities to the table. Panels with a QHD refresh rate of 240 hertz are now available to back up this performance-boosting fuel. 

The lightweight magnesium alloy chassis of the refreshed Prestige 16 earned it the Red Dot Product Design award for 2023. The newest Intel CPU inside is approved for use with the Intel® Evo platform, and it can charge at a rate of 140W PD3.1. Laptop GPUs from NVIDIA’s GeForce RTXTM 40 series are also available. Prestige 16, a laptop with a 16-inch screen, is both lightweight and powerful.

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