This Nano Technology Air Purifier will Change your Life

This Nano Technology Air Purifier will Change your Life

We all have been aware of the fact that the environment we live in is polluted. Even at our homes, the air we breathe is not all bacteria free. The only solution to this problem is having a decent Air purifying technology.

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Well, we might be able to help you something for that, BRID is an air purifier that uses nanotechnology to eliminate harmful elements, odours and toxicity from the air we breathe.

How does it work?

You can place BRID wherever you feel like. Plug it in and the work begins. BRID uses photocatalysis to purify the air. In simple terms, its active ceramic element absorbs radiation from its precisely calibrated LED board, producing free radicals which in turn attack pollutant molecules and turn them into harmless substances. Thus making the air as fresh as possible.


  • It uses a powerful cleaning technology called Photocatalytic Oxidation(PCO).
  • Its filters are washable and do not require to be replaced.
  • It can also be placed in a car with the car adapter provided with it.
  • It does not use UV lights, thus it is Ozone free.
  • Having 3 modules of BRID, you can clean 90% of the air within 6 hours.

Why should you buy it

This Nano Technology Air Purifier will Change your Life

Since the air around us goes polluted day by day, using such technology is our necessity. Moreover, other air purifier’s filters are needed to be replaced, here the filters are easily washable. It uses a technology which vaporizes the toxic particles thus removing them for good. You can connect your phone to BRID via WiFi and know about your surrounding atmosphere. Thus, in short, BRID is a perfect device to make your home environment healthy, so one should totally go for it.


The product is currently available on pre-order basis on, so go ahead and order your smart air purifier, the price of the product is 289 USD.

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