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New PLAYFIT Flaunt 2 And Dial 3 Pro Watches Launch With AMOLED Display

Play the Smart watch maker released two new products in the United States. PLAYFIT Flaunt 2 And Dial 3 Pro are the brand-new releases.

The new products will be available for purchase on Flipkart and the company’s website beginning on August 14. The PLAYFIT Flaunt 2 comes in two different colors (black and grey) and can be purchased at the discounted launch price of Rs 1,999. The PLAYFIT Dial 3 Pro, on the other hand, comes in three different colors (black, blue, and grey) and has a special launch price of Rs 1,499.

The new timepieces attempt to satisfy the ever-changing tastes of ‘Gen Z’ while still being stylish. The new gadgets have superior battery life, cutting-edge functions, and facilitate fitness monitoring.

The newest generation of super AMOLED found in the PLAYFIT Flaunt 2 ensures brilliant readability even in direct sunlight, with 600 nits of brightness. You can avoid having to keep waking up the screen on your watch by using the ‘Always On Display’ function.

The battery of the Flaunt 2 is capable of supporting both smart charging and rapid charging, and it has a backup time of 7 days. The smartwatch’s rotating crown button makes it easy to cycle through content, and it also allows users to set their own screensavers and navigate.

PLAYFIT Flaunt 2 And Dial 3 Pro are newest wristwatch with features of music playing and phone conversations with a great audio experience thanks to its Enhanced Bass, Extra Loud (EBEL) drivers. The company’s new watch has several sophisticated health-tracking capabilities since the company’s primary emphasis is towards a fitness-filled lifestyle. Tracking blood oxygen levels (SpO2), measuring blood pressure, keeping tabs on how well you sleep, and keeping tabs on your heart rate are just a few examples.

More than 100 training modes, breathing exercises, water reminders, and a Female Health Tracker are all supported by the PLAYFIT Flaunt 2 And Dial 3 Pro. There’s even a way to call for help in an emergency and strict privacy settings. The watch is also IP68 dust and water resistant and has a built-in voice assistant and real-time alerts.

The PLAYFIT Flaunt 2 And Dial 3 Pro, Play’s other recent product release, has a massive 2-inch all-view IPS screen. For the first time, the smartphone boasts a battery life of more than 7 days and a selection of “cloud faces”.

The PLAYFIT Flaunt 2 And Dial 3 Pro, like the Flaunt 2, incorporates a single processor that handles data processing, calls, a voice assistant, and Bluetooth communications. The watch also provides a phone-free music experience, making it ideal for the busy modern person. Dial 3 Pro is a great accessory for individuals who want to lead an active lifestyle by monitoring vital signs including SPO2 levels, blood pressure, and pulse rate. The newest edition meets the need for style and practicality in today’s market.

The new smartwatches come pre-integrated with the universal PLAYFIT companion app, much like their predecessors. The smart companion software enables the smooth transfer of data between PLAYFIT smartwatches of different generations and between smartphones of different generations. The auxiliary app may be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play.

As a company, PLAY has always been driven by a dedication to our clients’ dreams and cutting-edge technology. According to Hamish Patel, Play Design Labs’ Chief Product Officer, “with the launch of PLAYFIT FLAUNT2 and PLAYFIT DIAL3 PRO, we continue to extract the best from commercially available latest technology”.

These smartwatches are proof positive of our prediction that Indian customers would value style, utility, and health. We are also pleased to reaffirm, on the occasion of Independence Day, that PLAY goods are created, developed, and manufactured in India,” Patel said.

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