New Truecaller AI Assistant : Answer Your Calls to Filter Fraud

New Truecaller AI Assistant : Answer Your Calls to Filter Fraud

Truecaller AI Assistant, the world’s best global communications platform, is now available in India. Assistant is a technological advancement that uses machine learning and cloud telephony to provide the world’s most useful call-screening service.

The Truecaller Assistant is an adaptable, responsive, and communicative digital receptionist that can take messages and screen calls on your behalf. Fast and accurate communication with your assistant. A real-time transcription of the caller’s voice may reveal their identity and the nature of their call. The next step is for you to select if you wish to take control of the call, tap to ask the caller for further information, or flag the call as spam.

“Until now, Truecaller would show you who’s calling, but now you can let Truecaller Assistant have a conversation with the caller on your behalf,” said Rishit Jhunjhunwala, MD India at Truecaller. This is a huge step forward in our efforts to protect our users from scammers and other unwanted calls. We’ve released it in a few other countries already, and now we’re excited to provide it to Truecaller users in India.

After the trial period ends, members may add Truecaller AI Assistant for INR 149 per month (INR 99 as part of the short special offer) as part of Truecaller Premium Assistant. The programme has already debuted in the United States and Australia, and it will expand to more countries and languages in the near future. At launch, Assistant in India will be available in English, Hindi, and Hinglish. Users may choose from a variety of individualised assistants that speak in a variety of tones and accents, including professional, pleasant, and polite.   

How Truecaller AI Assistant Work

Your phone will ring normally whenever you get a call.

If you don’t pick up or don’t respond, though, your digital assistant will be notified. Using advanced voice-to-text technology, they will respond and filter it for you. The caller’s identity and the reason for their call will be shown on the screen after your Assistant receives a response from them.

A screening service is used, and the receptionist will announce to the caller, “hi, the person you’re calling is using a screening service, may I ask who it is?” and the nature of your call’s urgency. If you need any more clarification at this point, just launch the conversation window from here. The next step is to determine whether or not to take the call.

Don’t risk having packages taken by porch pirates because you ignored a delivery call. Don’t worry about forgetting appointments or school events for your kids. Those in the job market may be assured that they won’t miss a crucial call from the hiring manager because they won’t confuse it with the hundreds of others they get every day.

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