NoiseFit Crew Pro Smartwatch Debuted With 1.4-Inch AMOLED Display

NoiseFit Crew Pro Smartwatch

On June 20th, NoiseFit introduced its Crew Pro smartwatch to the Indian market. The Indian accessory maker’s newest release is available in your choice of three hues. It has a 1.4-inch screen, and it’s Bluetooth and Tru Sync ready for phone calls.

Over a hundred watch faces, a sleep tracker, a female health tracker, and sensors for measuring heart rate and blood oxygen levels are just some of the smart health monitors included in the NoiseFit Crew Pro. The smartwatch’s battery life is advertised as being seven days long.

NoiseFit Crew Pro specification and features

The NoiseFit Crew Pro smartwatch has a circular dial and an HD AMOLED screen (1.4 inches, 240 by 240 pixels). The wristwatch also has two actual buttons on its side. The True Sync technology included in the wearable further enables Bluetooth phone calls. The watch’s screen may be used to make and take calls, and up to 10 contacts can be stored on the device. The NoiseFit Crew Pro is compatible with the latest version of Bluetooth, 5.3.

In addition to more than a hundred different watch faces, the smartwatch also has more than a hundred different sports modes, such as jogging, cycling, and hiking. It also has sensors for measuring your heart rate, oxygen levels in your blood, how well you sleep, and other aspects of your health. The smartwatch has a dust and water resistance rating of IP68.

The 300mAh battery within the NoiseFit Crew Pro smartwatch allows it to function for up to seven days on a single charge. The official website for the product also states that the wristwatch is equipped with a calculator and that it enables rapid reply and alerts. The NoiseFit app works with the watch to provide activity tracking, health insights, and more.

NoiseFit Crew Pro Price in India

The recently released NoiseFit Crew Pro smartwatch may be purchased on the NoiseFit website or from Flipkart for the discounted price of Rs. 2,199.

In addition to Classic Black (Leather), Classic Brown (Leather), and Jet Black, owners of Noise’s newest smartwatch now have a choice between Classic Blue and Silver Grey watch bands.

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