Olly – The First Robot with Personality

Olly is the first home robot with an evolving personality

Robotics is the branch of science which has always amazed us in its own way. We have encountered different types of robots which acted on our instructions and were designed to do something particular. But imagine a robot with evolving personality, in layman language, a robot that not only helps you out with your daily chores but also figures out what you need by understanding you on the basis of your regular actions. Olly has been developed by Emotech in order to enlighten your day and make your life easy.

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How does it work?

The device does not require any specific installation. Keep it wherever you’re or interact with whenever you feel like. Although it works best under home conditions. Olly comes with advanced machine learning technology which pro-actively assists you with your day to day routines by remembering your actions or habits. Consider Olly as a new friend who will get trained accordingly to your interactions and actions.


  • Olly is compatible with iOS and Android.
  • It has connectivity options of both WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • The power supply is provided through external wall plugged adapter.
  • It contains two wide-angle 5MP RGB cameras, 4 MEMS microphones and 3 high-quality speakers.
  • At present, it is available in English (US & UK) language.
  • The body provides 360° continuous rotations whereas the head can do 80° rotation DC motor with encoder.

Why should you buy it?

Olly is the first home robot with an evolving personality

Olly is like that friend of yours who will help you out with no matter what. The important aspect of Olly is that it tries to understand your emotions based your voice and facial expressions and tries to cheer you out or entertain you with the best possible way it can. On the plus side, you can add reminders, alarms, play music and much more with just one command.


So far the device is available on the pre-order basis at Indegogo.com and the price is 499 USD. Hurry up, because they are offering discounts.

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