OnePlus 7 will be the First Smartphone with Snapdragon 855

OnePlus 7 will be the First Smartphone with Snapdragon 855

The second day of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit 2018 revealed a lot of interesting details. Qualcomm 855 is the newest and latest chipset for mobile platforms. The Snapdragon 855 chipset will also be able to support 5G headsets and speeds. OnePlus’ CEO Pete Lau announced that their upcoming smartphone will be powered the new and powerful Snapdragon 855 chip. OnePlus will be one of the first among a few companies to come out with the latest chipset by Qualcomm early in 2019.

Pete Lau, on stage talked about the company’s relationship with Qualcomm over the past years. He said,” We know that the 855 is the most powerful chipset, it is definitely the one and only choice [for our phone].” Many reports have come out earlier regarding OnePlus to launch a 5G enabled smartphone early in 2019. The reports suggest the launch date somewhere around the MWC. Few reports suggest that the OnePlus will not be naming the device as OnePlus 7, but instead may start another lineup of devices. The 5G device will support the 5G connectivity initially in Europe on EE’s network.

The Snapdragon 855 is made using the 7-nanometer process, also used by Apple’s A12 Bionic. It will also feature the company’s new X24 modem, which is an upgrade from the X20 modem in Snapdragon 845. It is to be noted that that the 855 alone will not be able to give full 5G and companies will have to add the X50 modem to add the 5G functionality. Many significant changes will also be seen in the camera department which will come with the updated Spectra 380 ISP (Image Signal Processor). Artificial Intelligence related performance is claimed to be improved as all the Adreno, Kyro and Hexagon processors are capable of working together and form a fourth generation AI engine.

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  1. And i thought samsung had this contract with Qualcomm to receive latest snapdragon version a month before they start to roll out for other brands.

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