There are so many companies having into the Bend Test and durability test in different way. First there was iPhone 6 plus, where it caught in bend test and the video become viral, after that new and new brand comes up with their durability test, and the new example is Xiaomi.

Now, finally OnePlus is also here with their new video where they wanna show how durable is there latest flagship oneplus 3. In the video Oneplus 3 has survived many durability test. The video shows up bend, drop, twist, tumble, impact, button stress, weather, USB stress and sensor accuracy calibration tests which is being performed by machines on OnePlus 3. OnePlus claims that there smartphone will survive even after going through hard tests. Few week back there was one more video by Oneplus in which they just throw down their phone from a helicopter and it survives just like Motorola do a year back. Well coming to the video all the tests are being conducted by professionals and being performed in a dedicated environment, and they give caution that please do not attempt these test at your home. There will be a proper chance that your OnePlus 3 will break or crack, and you won’t be able to do anything.

So coming to the practical expect, any phone is there, if it is made up of plastic and metal it will show up some scratches and crack. Only if the device is covered with full rubber, then you expect that nothing will happen to the device in any case. But in this case OnePlus 3’s remains the same.

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