OnePlus TV 40 Y1S for Open Sale in India: Price, Offers and More

OnePlus TV

The new OnePlus TV 40 Y1S can be purchased for INR 21,999 via,,, and other offline and online retailers in India.

 On this day in 2023 in Bengaluru: Today, April 14th, 2023, at 12:30 PM UTC+8, OnePlus, a worldwide leader in consumer technology, will begin selling its brand-new OnePlus TV 40 Y1S to the general public. The OnePlus TV 40 Y1S, will be sold on,,, and other offline partner retailers provides a high-quality watching experience at a surprisingly low price.

OnePlus TV 40 Y1S Availability and Cost

The newest OnePlus TV, the 40-inch Y1S, is now available for purchase on,,, and other major offline partner retailers in India for a starting price of INR 21,999. When you buy the new OnePlus TV using an ICICI Bank debit card, EMI, or internet banking, you’ll be eligible for an immediate bank discount of up to INR 1500.

The OnePlus TV 40 Y1S is an update to the existing OnePlus TV Y1S line, providing the same user-friendly connected ecosystem experience as its smaller-screened counterparts but on a more spacious 40-inch display. HDR video and Dolby audio provide a stunning colour range and enveloping acoustic experience for viewers.

OnePlus TV 40 Y1S Integrated Internet feature

The OnePlus TV Y Series 40 Y1S is a smarter TV that runs on the dependable and secure Android TV 11.0 platform. Connecting the OnePlus TV 40 Y1S to the user’s OnePlus Buds or OnePlus Watch is a breeze. Users of the OnePlus TV 40 Y1S have access to all of the aforementioned capabilities, plus the ability to connect their smartphone to the TV through OnePlus Connect 2.0.

OxygenPlay 2.0: Rich, Curated Content

OxygenPlay 2.0 is the gateway to a vast library of movies and TV shows from major worldwide and regional content partners, all accessible on your brand-new OnePlus TV. As part of OxygenPlay 2.0, users get access to over 230 live channels, allowing them to watch the latest news and sports events as they happen.

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