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Best Online Medicine App in India with Free Delivery (2020)


With the advancement in technology and everything going digital, we can now see the healthcare department adopting the practice of going digital. Currently, there are a number of apps and websites that helps people to order their medicines online. Not only as an online pharmacy, but there are also certain applications that allow the customers to book an appointment with doctors or consult them online via video or chat. These Online Medicine App help to save a lot of time as now people are not obliged to stand in a queue in front of a medical store.

Moreover, you can even upload the picture of the doctor’s prescription and your order will be placed all by its own and it will be delivered at your doorstep at zero cost. In this article, we have listed best such Best Online Medicine App in India. These online pharmacies manage their inventories digitally and customers even get helpful reminders and notifications on the expiry date.

Best Online Medicine App in India

1. 1mg 1mg-Best-Online-Medicine-App

This application is trusted by many people, and it is India’s leading online pharmacy and healthcare app. It is one of the Best Online Medicine App in India. You can get a doctor’s consultation on chat with online medicine delivery and lab tests at home. The app is currently active for 1000+ cities including Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Bangalore, Kolkata & many more. The application features 2 lakh+ allopathy medicines available from a variety of brands like Dabur, Himalaya, SBL, Homeopathy, Organic India, Accu-Chek, and more. Moreover, you can even upload your prescription on the app, and your order will be placed based on the prescription.

2. Netmeds Netmeds-Best-Online-Medicine-App

It is an easy to use application that allows users to conveniently order their medicines from anywhere, at any time. All you need to do is to upload your required medicines, and your order will be delivered anywhere in India. Using the application, you can consult a doctor online and book lab tests online. The easy to use interface of the app allows you to track Your Order, rate items, refer your friends & earn. Avoid getting out in search of medicines. Download Netmeds and get your medications delivered at your doorstep.

You have the facility to connect to a doctor online without worrying about the time. You even get access to reliable medicine and health-related information, just in case if you enjoy reading such stuff.

3. PharmEasy PharmEasy-Best-Online-Medicine-App

It is one of the highest-rated online application that can be used to purchase medicines online and get it delivered to your home.  The app is trusted by 50 lakh customers, and they use the application to order medicines online through the third-party licensed retail pharmacies. Apart from healthcare products, the app is also best known for its OTC products and, medical equipment.  Using this application, you can even book or schedule diagnostic tests which include online blood tests, full-body check-up and other preventive health check-ups at affordable costs from the convenience of your home. No need to worry about your health care needs because everything goes easy with PharmEasy application.

4. Practo

Download Practo and easily book appointments with the doctor. You can consult and chat with doctors online (365 X 24X 7). Practo application offers affordable family health plans, and it also keeps and maintains your digital health records.  The app is full of plenty of information and using this application, you get the chance to read free and regular health care tips.  The app is easy to use; you just have to enter your symptoms, select a specialist, and pay them online. Wait for 2 minutes to connect to the best doctor, and you can consult either via chat or video call.  Practo features various specialists. You can seek help from gynaecologists, dermatologists, or Pediatrics.

5. Sasta Sunder

This application focuses on providing healthcare and wellness needs through a supply chain of wellness products. It helps you to connect with doctors and helps in providing health information and diagnostic services. The app works on providing constant access to genuine healthcare and wellness products to people across various cities. The application offers medicine at affordable prices. The app supports the policy of free home delivery and even allows people to avail of the healthcare services and consult a doctor from this unique online medicine purchase app.

6. Lifecare Health Lifecare-Health-Best-Online-Medicine-App

The application was designed to make healthcare in India affordable and convenient.  It is a subscription-based online pharmacy that enables all chronic patients with Diabetes, Heart conditions, Hypertension, Renal disorders, etc. to place online medicine orders and refills them every month. The app offers free, verified doctor consultations. Some certified pharmacists will place your order requests. The app also features full-body health check-ups with home sample collection. You can even get your free diet and lifestyle counselling by professional dieticians. The app makes sure that your privacy and data security is maintained at any cost.

7. ML Xpress (Myra)ML-Xpress(Myra)-Best-Online-Medicine-App

The app currently offers doorstep delivery within 2 hours in Bangalore and Mumbai. The app is an online store for medicines and healthcare products available at affordable and discounted rates. You can get everything here; from Medicines, Baby food, Baby Diapers, Senior care, Sexual Wellness, Dental Care to products related to Women’s hygiene. You can even by OTC products from the top brands using this application.

8. Med-Plus Mart MedPlus-Mart-Best-Online-Medicine-App

It is India’s most trusted online pharmacy with the maximum number of customers every day. Using the application, you can buy medicines, baby care products, diabetes care, and personal care products from across many regions & cities in India. The medications are delivered at your doorstep. In a few cities, it takes 6-7 for the medicines to be delivered whereas in other cities it can take 2-3 days for the delivery. The app also maintains the data of your health records.

9. Ask Apollo

This application is an official app by Apollo Group. The app is built in a way that it brings the services of Apollo group companies under one roof. Using this application, you can book a doctor’s appointment, schedule your health check-up, and you can order medicines online. You can virtually consult with your Apollo doctor via Voice, video, or email. The app allows you to access your medical records anytime and anywhere. The online order will be delivered free of cost at your doorstep.  You can even schedule a home care visit.

10. MedNearMedNear-Best-Online-Medicine-App

The app is currently functioning and delivering products across 26,000+ areas across the world, and in India, the app is fully functioning in Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Jaipur, etc. MedNear is a health care and wellness application that deals with medicines, OTC, generic medication, alternate brands, and also offer discounts on drugs hence savings on your medical expense. You can either pay cash on delivery, or you can choose to pay online. The order will be delivered at your doorstep. The app is full of health-related information, and you can access that information to get personal, useful health and wellness tips.


All these applications have their own advantages. However, the common in them is the fact that you will get massive discounts on health care products and services. The online pharmacy is a boon to India. Ordering medicines online saves your time and money. You can download any of the mentioned apps and do let us know what your views on it are.

Please do drop your suggestion and ideas related to this Online Medicine App List in the comment section below. If you want to keep tabs on a more awesome apps product like this, subscribe to our website.

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