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ORDRO SW25 Smartwatch Phone Review – A Clone to Apple Watch

This is 21st century the time which is totally for the Apple Lover’s. Any product with the half cut apple on the back which you already know is the brand of Apple Inc. is so popular that people are just so much crazy about there devices. Everyone just want to have a Apple phone, iPod or a smartwatch because its just look cool to have one. Anyone who says “am not interested” they are just simply lying about it.

The main drawback of majority of gadgets produced by Apple brand is there too high pricing . For people for whom spending hundreds of dollars could be too much for them companies in the East or China manufacture similar products and offer them at a lower price.

Ordro SW25 is a result of such a great effort to make a SmartWatch which totally looks same as a Apple Watch. The watch has all the features of a Apple Watch, and you can find watch phone on Gearbest with free shipping.

ORDRO SW25 Smartwatch Phone - Techniblogicimage – gearbest


This SmartWatch has a capacitive IPS HD screen of 1.54 inches with ARC 2.5D technology. It is one of the only inexpensive HD screen watches which comes with a curved and soft edges. Ordro SW25 screen has a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels per inch.

Voice interaction in smatwatch - techniblogic
image- gearbest

This smartwatch comes with a Mediatek MTK2502 processor with a RAM of 64 MB and internal storage capacity of 128 MB which is expandable upto 32 GB using a TF card which is just great as this feature is not there in any of the other smart watches. The battery which comes with Ordro SW25 is not detachable and can not be removed and replaced. It comes with a capacity of 320 mAh and it charges by plugging  the cable on the four magnet pins which we find on most the sony smartphones also and other smartwatches.

The SmartWatch also comes with a selfie camera of 0.3 megapixels, i know you must be thinking why a person require a 0.3 mp Camera but it is helpful when you don’t have a smartphone in you hand.

ORDRO SW25 Smartwatch - techniblogic
image – gearbest

The Ordro SW25 has a Sim port also, which is at the back where we need to insert a micro SIM card and turn this SmartWatch into a device which will work independently without linking to any of the smartphone.

The Smart Watch has Bluetooth of version 4.0  and is compatible with Android as well as iOS  which most the other watches are not. The materials which are being used to make this SmartWatch are stainless steel and plastic, which indicates that it is a fairly a good quality watch. Its strap is made of rubber and uses a pin to lock into the one of holes while you are wearing it.

The Ordro SW25 comes with the dimensions of, 42.5 mm x 35.5mm x 11.5mm and weights about 56 grams. In addition it comes with three color variants: green, deep black and elegant white.

With almost every aspect the Ordro SW25 SmartWatch tries to give a look and feel of  an Apple Watch, but it has managed to get it a bit different than other smart watches by introducing a rotating button. Turning this will allow you to navigate through the menu and access various functions of the device.

Package Contents:

  • Ordro SW25 SmartWatch
  • Charger cable
  • Battery

Special Features

  • Calls: The SmartWatch comes with in built sim card which means it can make and receive phone calls.
  • Notifications: receive notifications in the watch via smartphone.
  • Music Player: With Ordro SW25 you can also enjoy music on the move.
  • Anti-Loss Alarm: No need to worry about losing your phone because if you are moving away from it, smartwatch will raise an alarm using the Bluetooth feature.
  • Built-in camera: We may freely take pictures and synchronize it on our smartphone.
  • Remote Camera: We can use the watch to control the phone’s camera. But make sure your camera is connected to Ordro SW25 to use this feature.
  • Monitoring Your Sleep: Ordro SW25 at night will track sleep timings and help you to improve your sleep.
  • Pedometer: We can keep track of each step we take like distance traveled and calories burned to monitor our health
  • Reminder sedentary lifestyle: Sometimes you just need a reminder to stay active: built-in motion tracking helps minimize sedentary time.
  • Additional Features:
    The sound and video recorder, alarm, calendar, calculator, FM radio.

Crown Control

Crown Control for Zoom - techniblogic
Image- Gearbest

Crown Switch Control

Crown Switch Control - Techniblogic
image- Gearbest

Curved Display

Curved Display - Techiblogic
image- Techniblogic

Magnetic Charging

Absorption or magnetic charging - Techniblogic
image- techniblogic

Sim Card Slot

Sim Card Slot in Smartwatch - techniblogic
image – Gearbest

Voice Changing Function

Voice Changing Function in Smartphone- techniblogic
image – Gearbest

Pedometer For Step Count

Pedometer for step control in smartwatch - techniblogic
image – gearbest

Sleep Monitoring

Sleep Monitoring in smartwatch - techniblogic
image – gearbest

Anti- Lost Feature

Anti Lost Feature in smartwatch - techniblogic
image – gearbest

Specifications of Ordro SW25

  • Display: 1.54-inch capacitive IPS HD 2.5D ARC.
  • Resolution: 240 x 240 dpi.
  • CPU: MTK2502
  • RAM: 64 MB.
  • ROM: 128 MB expandable upto 32 GB with TF card.
  • Camera: 0.3 megapixels.
  • Battery: 320mAh.
  • SIM Micro SIM.
  • Network: GSM
  • Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
  • Bluetooth: Version 4.0 / 3.0.
  • Compatibility: Android and IOS.
  • Formats:
    • Music: AAC, MP3, WAV
    • Image: JPEG
    • Video: 3GP
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish, Danish, Turkish, Russian, Japanese and Korean.
  • Materials: Stainless steel and plastic.
  • Dimensions: 42.5 mm x 35.5mm x 11.5mm.
  • Weight: 56 grams.
  • Colors: green, deep black and elegant white.

Availability and price of Ordro SW25

ORDRO SW25 Smartwatch - techniblogic

According to me i am just totally impressed with this device even after it totally resembles an Apple Watch, the feature of interacting with the watch using a crown feels just too cool and you all gonna check one as it is at really nice price of $61.56 Only from Gearbest.com


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