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Panasonic announces AI-powered ‘Arbo Hub’ platform for Smartphones

Panasonic, the multinational electronics company well known for its home appliances and semiconductors has recently announced the launch of “Arbo Hub” which is going to be the company’s AI-powered hub that will provide its users to access multiple applications and services on a single platform. “Arbo Hub” adapts to the users’ specific needs and provides services on one single platform, de-cluttering multiple apps on smartphones, a statement by Panasonic. Apart from this Panasonic also announced the launch of its upcoming models which are – “Panasonic P85 NXT” and “Eluga Ray 710” These devices will have the Arbo Hub built-in.

The Arbo Hub will act as the “Go To” app for everything which can have various applications. It will provide you with any service that you require by acting as a single platform on your smart device. The company has partnered with online service providers like Ola, AccuWeather, MobiKwik and GameStop to provide a wide range of platforms to its smartphone users. “We have struck all the right chords with ‘Arbo‘, our virtual assistant that was launched a year ago.

Panasonic announces AI-powered 'Arbo Hub' platform for Smartphones

Now, users do not have to download multiple apps and clutter their phones as ‘Arbo Hub’ will give all services on a single platform,” and “Arbo Hub” will be rolled out for Eluga Ray 700 smartphone via an over the air update,” said Pankaj Rana, Business Head-Mobility Division, Panasonic India.

Talking about its partnership, Accuweather will be providing the user with real-time weather updates whereas NewsPoint will notify the user about the latest news based on his or her choice. The interface of Arbo Hub will allow you to compare the fares between Ola and Uber. The Delhi based smartphone gaming platform Gamezop will allow you to play HTML5 based games.

Arbo Hub is a single platform which is going to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to know about the user preferences and makes suggestions accordingly.

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