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Pros and Cons of Keyword Volume Tool

Digital marketing is ever growing sector, where you cannot keep yourself in comfort zone. It is the sector, where you have to be active and need to engage yourself in innovation and constructive ideas. Social Media Marketing, SEO and PPC are vital strategy in the world of digital marketing. SEO is the integral part of digital marketing and keyword research is the vital stage in any SEO campaign. Proper keyword research is the cornerstone of quality and professional SEO services. Reliable keyword research tool helps to make proper SEO strategy. Once was a time when there was a free keyword research tool from Google, but unfortunately this great tool is history now.

Many alternative keyword research tools are available now. The Google keyword planner offers many features but this is not suitable for PPC. In this article we will discuss some popular keyword research tools and their Pros and Cons.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is still the best keyword volume tool and used by many web design and Web Development Company. This is the new tool which offers some exceptional features. Here are some of the pros and cons of the Google keyword planner.

Pros of Google Keyword Planner

• Data comes directly from Google, which is more reliable than any other source.
• This tool is ideal for local SEO, you can target your search to your local audience.
• Third one is not feature, but it is like suggestion, whenever you type a single keyword in the search box then Google suggests a group of keywords instead of single keywords.

Cons of Google Keyword Planner

• You need to create an AdWords account.
• Your keyword search will be limited to the exact match only.
• You cannot search for volumes on mobile and desktop separately.

Bing Keyword Tool

If you are looking for alternative of Google keyword planner then go for Bing keyword Tool, this tool is the second best alternative.

Pros of Bing Keword Tool

• This tool is the ideal one, if you are optimizing for Bing
• This tool is different from the Google keyword Planner, where you can search for volume during a particular data range.

Cons of Bing Keyword Tool

• The data is not useful when you optimize for Google.
• It is not publicly accessible, so here you need to sign up for Bing Webmaster tool.
• You will not get enough local data, especially when you are searching for detailed information like on a state level and town level.


Except these two keyword research volume tool, there are many other free and paid tools, but their reliability is seriously under question. These two tools are reliable and popular as well, so use them when you have to research for keyword volumes.

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